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2019년 10월 Quake 대회 관련 통계

Quake is one of the oldest FPS representatives out there, and was created by id Software. Some of the technical innovations and solutions first introduced by this studio have shaped up into the pillars of many esports shooters and classic shooters alike.

Many believe that the competitions in this particular game have sparked the esports phenomenon as we know it nowadays. The QuakeCon festival was one of the main esports tournaments of the past decade, gathering a sizeable audience. However, in the modern times this discipline is no longer able to attract a large amount of fans.

Logo 타이틀 상금총액최고시청자수시청시간 행사일정
Quake Pro League Season 1: Stage 1 logoQuake Pro League Season 1: Stage 1 상금총액
3 063
140 385
25.08.19 - 27.10.19
기간: 78 hours

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