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The effect of Coronavirus on Twitch Music category

The effect of Coronavirus on Twitch Music category

Streaming on Twitch isn’t just about games. Music, podcasts and other categories appeared a long time ago, but the popularity of non game-related categories is growing only now. 

Today we’ll distract you from the esports and talk about the growing interest of Music & Performing Arts on Twitch. Its growth began in January, so this month will be the starting point for our analysis.

Several factors have caused the increase of the popularity. The first and obvious reason is the self-isolation and the closure of all public places, including concert-halls and clubs because of Coronavirus.

Recently we’ve written an article about the effect of Coronavirus on streaming, there you can learn about the overall situation in the streaming world.

The Hours Watched growth has begun on the third week of March with the quarantine implementation in most countries. The growth concluded 78% compared to the beginning of March.

In the end of April the overall HW growth concluded 386% related to March and the overall Hours Watched number is 6,1M hours.

In the beginning of March the peak concluded 536 streamers, but on the Week 3 the number has doubled and ended on the point of 1049 streamers. 

In the end of April, the peak concluded 1863 streamers in the Music category. The growth compared to the beginning of March equals 247%.

The Peak Viewers mark has also improved, but the growth pattern is unstable. The first notable rise of the audience appeared on the 4th week of March, however, the increase has been evident on the Week 3. The Peak Viewers mark in the end of March has increased on 218% compared to the beginning of the month.

The next rapid growth of Peak Viewers was on the third week of April and concluded 185K viewers on the peak, so the overall growth in April is 231%.

The second reason of this attention for Music broadcasts is quite desperate situation of the performers and their fans.

Because of coronavirus, artists want not only to keep in touch with their audience but also to help in the fight against COVID-19.

The platform took the initiative itself and organized Twitch Stream Aid on the 28th of March to raise money and redirect them to the COVID-19 Solidarity Fund. The list of participating performers was impressive: Lauv, Steve Aoki, Machine Gun Kelly, OneRepublic, John Legend. Even Korean K-Pop singers were invited: Monsta X, Stray Kids and (G)I-DLE. 2,8 million dollars were raised in total on this event. The peak on the broadcast was 193K viewers. 

Some individual performers went online. Diplo created his own Twitch channel. Also, he has organized the Coronight fever event on the MadDecentLive channel with other popular artists of this techno-genre.

One of the first music festivals on Twitch in April was Dance Music Gives Back, which was held on the 3rd of April with such artists as Krewella, Boogie T, Borgore, Pluko. The broadcast was held on the Hitcommand channel and was dedicated to raising funds against the coronavirus, which were sent to the Music Cares Foundation.

The next event is Digital Age Live Stream Music Festival, which was held on Demidigitalrenegades channel on April 24-25 with such artists as Gina Turner, GAWP, Destructo. They’ve also joined the charity initiative and collected money for COVID-19 Artist Relief fund.

German DJ Zedd has also created his own Twitch channel and on April 26 hold his THE ORBIT TOUR, which was cancelled due to the obvious reasons. The Valorant hype hasn't bypassed him either and from time to time he streams this new Riot game.

If you still didn’t hear about the new discipline from Riot Games, check our recent article.

On May 5th Altísimo Live Festival 2020 will be held on Twitch with Latin American artists, including Becky G and Anitta and popular American DJ Steve Aoki.

Although there was no official Twitch broadcast of this event, we can't but tell you about the online concert of American rapper Travis Scott in Fortnite. Epic Games announced that the event overtook the previous virtual concert with Marshmello and set a record of 12 million concurrent viewers, not including 3 million viewers on third-party broadcasts.

The leader of Music category in the first quarter of 2020 by the Hours Watched (1M) and Air Time is Chinese radio Kiss.

The second spot is occupied by a new channel called Insomniac, electronic music festival. There they stream replays of the last offline events, for example EDC Las Vegas, Hard Fest и EDC Mexico. Also, this channel is on the 3rd place by Peak Viewers - 29K.

In the 3rd place, losing 1 position, is a 24-hour American radio Monstercat, the chief feature of their broadcast is that they invite famous DJs who play live their DJ sets. This radio is popular not only on Twitch but also on Mixer.

4th place went to the Beatport channel, it has climbed by 140 positions and it is in second place by the Peak Viewers - 33K.

On April 17th the channel hosted the second 36-hour music festival ReConnect, with popular DJs David Guetta and Tiësto, who also created their own Twitch channels. All money from the festival will go to charity funds to fight against coronavirus.

The first ReConnect festival took place on March 24th together with RÜFÜS DU SOL, GRiZ, Nina Kraviz and raised $180,000 for AFEM (Association for Electronic Music) and COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

The 5th and 6th places were also taken by 24-hour radios Relaxbeats and Rarenorm.

LuckReunion channel, dedicated to the Texas Music Festival, has taken the 7th place by Hours Watched and the 1st place by Peak Viewers (68K). The host is the famous artist Willie Nelson, who is 86 years old.

The aforementioned MadDecent channel, which hosts festivals provided by Diplo and other popular DJs, closes our top.

The final chord is that the Twitch platform itself is all for the development of the music category.

Besides the improving the sound on broadcasts by integrating Twitch into the Dolby On app, they have hired the people to promote music on Twitch: Athena Koumis, who used to work for Spotify and Xcite Networks, as music partner manager and Tracy Chan from the former Spotify team as a head of product and engineering for music.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the Music category development and you don’t forget to subscribe to our social pages in order to know all about the esports events.

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