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Arena of Valor Star League Season 4: Viewership stats

Arena of Valor Star League Season 4: Viewership stats

Today we'll discuss the end of Arena of Valor Star League Season 4, one of the main Indonesian leagues of the discipline.

Arena of Valor Star League Season 4 was held from August to September 2020 and was a qualifying event for Arena of Valor Premier League. The region's best teams were fighting for $73,330, and the winner will represent Indonesia on AoV World Cup.

The league has collected 247K Hours Watched for 5 months.

EVOS Esports, last year's champions, are the apparent leaders of this year. The new member in the roster had a positive impact on the gameplay, so EVOS became the most popular team of the tournament - 5K spectators watched for them on average. All matches of the top-5 were with their participation.

The league's peak was reached on day 2 of the playoffs, in the battle between EVOS and XCN - 13 189 spectators. The final only lacked fifty spectators to become the most popular match.

The tournament was broadcast on 2 platforms - YouTube and Facebook. The first one was leading both by views and Peak Viewers. This is strange, considering that Garena AOV Indonesia has 2,2M subscribers on Facebook, and only 272K on YouTube.

It should be noted that the leading social platforms in Indonesia are Instagram and YouTube, and mobile esports teams of Asia began to create their TikTok accounts and gain views there also.

Soon we will release an article about the popularity of Arena of Valor teams in Southeast Asia to give an idea of who is the real media leader in the region.

Compared to the last year, the league showed twice as better results, though the league's air time was 40 hours shorter. 

Moreover, the league was held only online because of the pandemic, though the previous league was held offline, in the venue. Hence we can conclude that the online format only improved the discipline stats based on the league's results. Peak Viewers compared to last year increased by 36%, and Hours Watched by 74%.

Arena of Valor has launched a new season. That's why we'll see new skins, in-game events, and, most importantly, new heroes. The developers hinted at the 5th season of the league, but they haven't announced the dates.

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