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Black Friday 2020 on Esports Charts and Streams Charts

Black Friday 2020 on Esports Charts and Streams Charts

The most important sale of the year has reached Esports Charts!

Want to improve your esports and streaming experience? Get our annual Esports Charts PRO subscription with a 50% discount!

Moreover, in honor of Streams Charts’ official launch, we have a unique offer for a Streams Charts PRO subscription! Until Sunday you will be able to activate your 50% discount on our monthly subscription. The promotion is valid until November 29 at 11:55 PM PST.

How to activate

Esports Charts PRO:

Use the promo code ESCBLACKFRIDAY20 on page and receive a 50% discount on your annual subscription!

You will get access to all platform and language statistics, top matches, teams, tournament comparisons, and infographics for only 150$ a year!

Streams Charts PRO:

Go to, where the discount is already applied — just purchase your monthly subscription for $150 instead of $300.

What are the features of Streams Charts PRO?

  • A variety of filters
  • Historical data
  • Unlimited channel lists
  • Export data as .CSV
  • Stream graph intervals disaggregated by minutes
  • Stream unique viewers
  • Streamers’ ratings
  • Time that users have spent on the stream

The discount is valid only for the first month after payment.
Have a great weekend, and happy shopping on this Black Friday!

Have any questions? You can send them to [email protected] or to our Discord server.

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