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EU Masters: No records this time

EU Masters: No records this time

The summer split of the tenth LoL esports season has shaken the scene with a large number of records and excellent indicators being reached. It was Europe that became the center of everyone's attention during this – but unfortunately for the region, the same does not apply to EU Masters.

This spring the main record of the European Masters was set: the championship has reached 144 thousand peak viewers. This was made possible despite the coronavirus-stricken reality that prevented holding a large offline tournament. Still, switching to online format didn't prevent the competition from happening.

During the summer, many expected that the existing peak viewers records would be broken. However, European Masters Summer 2020 has failed at this, only ever providing 93 thousand peak viewers. This result is 35% lower that of the previous split, and 14% lower than that of the EU Summer 2019.

The average viewers indicator seems to be much better off, this time amounting to 47 thousand viewers. This means that the difference with the record 48 thousand average viewers constitutes merely 1.9%. While this means that the event has failed to produce a truly hyped match, the overall encounters were almost as interesting as in the spring.

English was the competition's most popular language, with its broadcast bringing a total of 26.8% of the championship's hours watched. Italian and Polish languages were quite even, being responsible for the 17.2% and 16.3% of the championship's hours watched, respectively.

Gathering so many viewers would be the first for the Polish broadcast, something that was rather interesting to see. This was caused by the guys from AGO.ROGUE – who represented Poland at the championship and eventually became the champions of the European Masters Summer 2020.

Vodafone Giants became the championship's most popular team, their matches gathering 57 thousand average viewers. Following them were the players of We Love Gaming with the respective indicator worth 55 thousand. Closing the top 3 were the mousesports with a result of 53.9 thousand viewers.

The most important thing here would be that the Spanish team Vodafone Giants was pretty much eligible for setting the tournament's new record. During its matches, the Spanish-language broadcast had its viewer count increasing by 8 to 20 thousand and counting. In case the “giants” would have made it to the finals, a figure of more than 144 thousand peak viewers would be pretty much guaranteed.

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