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ESL Pro League Season 12: The record of the series

ESL Pro League Season 12: The record of the series

ESL Pro League Season 12 has come to an end. The league has shown a slight recovery from the after-effects of the pandemic, allowing us to see a full-fledged battle for domination across all regions. Now, which region has managed to set the new record for the series? Let's take a look.

North America

North America became the first region of the league. While only four teams participated in it, the peak viewers mark reached during the final match of Furia vs. 100 Thieves still amounted to 171 thousand.

It can be said that Furia were clear viewer favorites, given that their matches were watched by 85 thousand average viewers. The expectations of their fanbase were well-met, with Furia beating 100 Thieves 3-0 in the finals.

As it usually goes, the one gathering the highest number of viewers per broadcast was Gaules, with his 91 thousand peak viewers. Thanks to him, the largest part of the audience was made of the Portuguese. However, he did not stream each and every match of the tournament – which means that his hours watched were below the expected amount.

English became the second most popular language thanks to having two official Twitch broadcasts in English at once. Esl_csgo gathered 49 thousand peak viewers, while esl_csgob was watched by 24 thousand peak viewers. It should be noted that while the English-speaking broadcast viewers were fewer, they also stayed around longer – and ended up collecting more hours watched total as compared to the Portuguese-speaking ones.

YouTube-based broadcasts were also present, with the official broadcast on this platform gathering 29 thousand peak viewers. Almost 10% of the total hours watched were contributed by the Russian-speaking viewers – mostly due to the Russian studio Maincast hosting the official Russian-language broadcast.

South America

Moving on to South America. As in the case with the previous region, only four teams were taking part. While South America attracted almost twice as fewer viewers compared to North America, this is still a good result for the region. As for the region's most popular team – that would be BOOM Esports with 60 thousands average viewers.

It should be remembered that the last season saw the competition being held only in North America and Europe due to the coronavirus outbreak, while the season 10 featured one shared region for the both Americas.

Just like in the case of the previous region, the most popular broadcast was that of Gaules – who has gathered 56 thousand peak viewers. To compare, the official English-language broadcast esl_csgo gathered 17 thousand peak viewers, while the Spanish one gathered 6.1 thousand peak viewers.

Asia and Oceania

When it comes to Asia and Oceania, the results are not as impressive. Gaules did not stream in these regions either, resulting in the absence of the Portuguese-speaking streamers on the broadcast.

It is interesting that at first, the matches were streamed on Esl_csgo (which was when the peak viewers indicators were reached), and then the remainder of tournaments was held on esl_csgob instead. Similarly, Maincast also had two official broadcasts on two different channels.

The winners, Avant, became Oceania's most popular team by gathering 11.3 thousand average viewers, while IG became Asia's leading team with 12.4 thousand average viewers. Also, as compared to the season 10, the peak viewers indicator decreased by 25% for Asia but increased by 13% for Oceania.


And now for the most interesting part. The European region set a new record of 568 thousand peak viewers – which is the best result for the entire ESL Pro League series. However, when it came to beating the season 11th hours watched indicator, the league still fell short by 19%. Additionally, the event became the second most popular event of September in the CIS region.

The region had a total 16 teams duking it out for the prize of $450 thousand, with NAVI becoming the most popular team. Their matches were watched by 197 thousand viewers, while the team itself was the leader of the group stage but lost to Astralis from Denmark in the final match – the same match that became the most popular one in the entire region.

The Russian-language broadcast from Maincast became the most popular among all the broadcasts, gathering 221 thousand peak viewers. However, the English-speaking viewers were responsible for more total hours watched, and esl_csgo became the most popular broadcast for the English language – with a total of 159 thousand peak viewers.

In this case, Gaules gathered merely 54 thousand peak viewers – which is a far cry from his home region performance. Responsible for broadcasting the event in Vietnam was the YouTube channel 500bros, gathering 22 thousand peak viewers – and overall, the region itself was quite notable for its level of language diversity.

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