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ESC Growth #8: Esports Charts Pro

ESC Growth #8: Esports Charts Pro

We are happy to announce Esports Charts Pro. Our new feature with additional functionality and data such as more detailed statistics, tournament infographics and much more. At the first stage, it will reveal some of the functionality to everyone for free, but soon it will be improved and will be available by paid subscription.

At the same time, we added another new page called “Twitch Stats”. It contains detailed data on one of the main broadcasting platform of the esports industry - Twitch.

We’ve recently talked about it and even partially implemented it on the main page of the site, but now we are ready to fully launch it. Today, users can get statistics on categories and streamers for the past and current week. In the PRO version, you will be able to pick up any time period.

We will be happy to receive feedback from our users. You can share your opinion on new feature through our official pages on social networks: Twitter, Facebook и VK. You can also tell us about your experience in our Discord channel.

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