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Esports on Mixer: Ups & Downs

Esports on Mixer: Ups & Downs

We continue to summarize Mixer stats, and today we'll discuss what Mixer has achieved for 4 years of its existence and how the platform has been doing with esports.

Microsoft streaming service was officially launched on 5th January 2016 with a different name - Beam.

On 25th May 2017 platform changed its name to Mixer and got its mobile version for iOS and Android. Devs also added the opportunity for collaborative streaming. 

The platform received special attention only last year thanks to exclusive contracts with the popular streamers Ninja and Shroud. Thus Mixer has got a new audience, though not all the viewers managed to stay there.

Esports on Mixer

No streaming platform can survive without broadcasts of esports tournaments. Mixer had an exclusive contract with the disciplines of Hi-Rez studio, like Paladins

The viewers could get Mixer Points for watching the game streams and buy skins and other cosmetic in-game items. The same situation was with MOBA Smite, so these games are core in terms of esports on Mixer.

The most popular esports tournament of Mixer is Paladins Premier League 2019 Phase 1. It has collected 4,6M Hours Watched. In second place is Paladins Minor League 2019 NA Phase 2 - 2,6M Hours Watched. 

Still, Mixer wasn't the only platform to broadcast these tournaments, and most of the audience continued to watch streams on Twitch, which is more familiar to them.  

In our top, only two tournaments were held in 2020, and in general, the indicators are not as high as on other platforms. 

Esports on Mixer didn't develop as much as it could. Organizers hosted the tournaments on this streaming platform, but it didn't produce a large number of views.

Paladins and Smite were not the only games on Mixer. We could notice some Gears of War events. The last tournament of Gears Pro League NA Summer Quarter gathered 1,9K spectators at the Mixer's peak. The event was also broadcast on Twitch.

The Capcom Cup 2019 of Street Fighter V was watched by 1,029 on Mixer, the Fair Civs Cup of Age of Empires attracted 1,799 Peak Viewers, and Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals 2019-20 attracted only 512 spectators. The results are not impressive, given the statistics of the same tournaments on other platforms.

Thursday Ninja Battles by Ninja became a ray of hope to attract esports viewers to Mixer. Six tournaments supposed to be held in total, and the prize fund was $480,000.

In addition to Ninja, 60 famous Fortnite-players participated in the tournament, and it was quite a good idea to promote the platform. 

Even though the participants streamed their game on Twitch, the official broadcast of the first tournament on Ninja's channel gathered 29K at the peak, but it still did not make it to the Mixer's top-10 by Hours Watched, only 96K.

Interestingly, events of the gaming industry were more favored on this platform than esports tournaments. 

The 2019 Bethesda E3 Showcase has collected 43K concurrent viewers on Mixer, and only during this period of E3, the platform experienced the real growth of stats and audience. Also, Mixer had its own advantages. 

The viewers had an opportunity to watch the Xbox showcase in 4K only on this platform. Besides, during E3, Mixer hosted the broadcasts with famous streamers and gifted some stuff to people, who attended the conference itself. Moreover, they've made Mixer E3 Hub on their site to make the viewing of E3 easier.

Sometimes the platform couldn't even cope with such a massive influx of people, and E3 became the leader by Peak Viewers for all time on Mixer, but the main event was on air for only 2 hours, so it collected only 669K Hours Watched.

It's followed by The Game Awards 2019 - 38K spectators at the peak, and this result is the merit of official broadcasts only.

Mixer integrated with Facebook Gaming, and all streamers were asked to switch to this platform. But not many people liked this idea, and most popular streamers returned to Twitch and YouTube. 

How badly have streamers been affected by the closure of the platform? Read in our new report.

All Mixer stats are here -

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