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Fall Guys: Ultimate success on Twitch

Fall Guys: Ultimate success on Twitch

The battle of tiny humans in rubber suits and colorful chaos - that's how we can describe the new Battle Royale from Mediatonic. How did this new game become a Twitch phenomenon in early August? Let's find out what's so special about Fall Guys.

Fall Guys is a One vs. All game with up to 60 players online. There are different mini-levels with obstacles, and the last survivor becomes the winner.

The game has fully cartoonish and comic looks. It's simple as hell, but that's the main thing about it. Games should give us happiness by default, and with such a primitive format, it's fun to play and watch this game on streams.

Character customization is also available: compete with others as a dove, wolf, and even Gordon Freeman.

Fall Guys was officially released on August 4 for PC and PS4, but before that, the developers arranged beta testing, and even then, the game has attracted the attention of popular streamers.

During beta testing (July 31-3 August), the game reached 250K spectators at its peak, and the most popular streamers during this period were xQc 513K Hours Watched, and Lirik - 339K Hours Watched. Both spent 12 hours on air.

Rubius is leading by Peak Viewers during Beta - 53K concurrent viewers on his broadcast, though he was on air only for 1 hour. 

Koreans hanryang1125 and handongsuk have also tried the game. The longest air time belongs to French streamer rhobalas_lol - 37 hours and 65K Hours Watched accordingly.

And now, let's talk about the overall results, including launch day, which took place on August 4.

The first day is July 31, the start of beta testing. 1240 channels streamed the game. The Hours Watched concluded 1,2M, and 250K viewers watched the game at the peak. 

On the second day of beta testing, Hours Watched increased by 97%, but after that, there was a decline. The Viewers Peak on the second and third day was stable - 167K.

On the Launch Day, August 4, the growth dynamics again became positive - 250K Hours Watched and 374K spectators at the peak.

On Day 5, the Hours Watched have grown by 78% compared to Day 4. The game has set its own record and collected 523K Peak Viewers. 

On Day 6, Hours Watched increased by 34% again, but viewers' peak decreased by 18,4%. On the same day, the game reached its total peak of channels - 6079.

The 7th Day of this game on Twitch has shown a decrease in stats. Hours Watched compared to Day 6 decreased by 29% and the peak by 20,5% - 338K viewers.

In comparison with other games, the Fall Guys growth dynamics is more stable. Usually, new projects reach a peak in the first days on Twitch, and after there's only a decline in viewership.

xQc remained the leader among streamers - for seven days on Twitch, he has reached the result of 1,3M Hours Watched for 31 hours on air. His audience was one of the biggest - 55K concurrent viewers at the peak.

Lirik has doubled his Hours Watched - 682K, but the peak didn't change much. The longest Air Time belongs to Sardoche - 51 hours, and for this period, he collected 430K Hours Watched. 

Rubius broke his Peak Viewers record and gathered 75K simultaneous viewers on the broadcast. Such popular streamers as Ibai, Alanzoka, Cohhcarnage, and Korean Saddummy appeared on our list.

The game was the most popular among the English-speaking audience - 45,7% of the total number of viewers. Next is the French language - 13,6% thanks to Sardoche and other French streamers.

11,3% of Spanish spectators watched the broadcasts mostly because of Rubius and Alanzoka, while 10% of Korean-speaking viewers are from Saddummy, Hanryang1125, and Handongsuk's streams.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout aroused some interest among gaming community. 1,5M players have already tried the game, and the peak of online Steam players concluded 82K. But with such a substantial influx of players, the game has some problems with servers, which is the only disadvantage.

In the future, we will have Twitch Rivals Fall Guys among streamers, and there are also some rumors about Fall Guys, Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 collaboration.

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