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Ghost of Tsushima: The first week on Twitch

Ghost of Tsushima: The first week on Twitch

Is the new game by Sucker Punch Productions better than The Witcher 3? Some players who tried Ghost of Tsushima shared this opinion.

New AAA-exclusive for Playstation 4 Ghost of Tsushima saw the world on July 17th, and immediately attracted the gamers’ attention with its unusual setting.

We’re relocating in 1274, the year of the first Mongol invasion of Japan. The main hero, samurai Jin Sakai, has survived the first major encounter with Mongolians, and de-facto became one of the leaders of the resistance. His first goal was to save his uncle, who was imprisoned by Khotun Khan. And the second is the rescuing of the island from occupants.

The game distinguished itself with an open world and an unique setting. A lot of Japanese gamers and critics noted the authenticity and atmosphere of the environment, armor, fights, and game stylistics in general.

Moreover, the game is full of references to Japanese movies and culture. Japanese people liked the new project so much, that there was a lack of physical copies of the game in Japanese stores.

But the game has its flaws: The monotony of battles, side quests, and the thing that our actions don't influence the overall development of the plot. And this is a significant disadvantage, considering the fact that Jin has to take risks to save his people and break the samurai code.

Though the game was launched on July 17th, some streamers could play it earlier. Namely, 1588 streamers rescued Tsushima on the pre-launch day.

The peak of all viewership categories was on the second, official launch day. The Hours Watched reached the result of 4,3M and 312K viewers watched the game at the peak.

But the game still hasn’t overtaken the results of the Last of Us Part II, which we discussed earlier in our blog.

By the way, some TLOU2 fans scattered the game with low ratings on Metacrtic, allegedly to revenge the underestimation of their favorite game.

On Day 2 the Hours Watched decreased by 23% and Peak by 17,4% compared to the launch day. Later the dynamics was only negative. By the end of the week, the game has lost a half of the audience.

On Day 7 the Hours Watched decreased by 73% in comparison with Day 6. And the number of channels decreased by 44,6% compared to Launch Day.

Such negative dynamics was obvious because the walkthrough is estimated for 40-50 hours including the side quests and other activities. So those, who played it not thoroughly, have finished it in the middle of the week.

Fextralife studio became the most popular among streamers. They were on air for 87 hours and they are playing Ghost of Tsushima even now. At the moment they’ve reached the mark of 2,3M Hours Watched.

Alanzoka is leading among Portuguese-speaking streamers with the result of 38K viewers at the peak of his broadcast. And Hanryang1125 is leading among Korean-speaking streamers. For 26 hours of air time 20K viewers at the peak.

And the leader of the top is one of the trending streamers of June - xQc. Though he played for only 9 hours, 39K viewers watched him at the peak.

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