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Grounded: The first week on Twitch

Grounded: The first week on Twitch

Today we'll talk about the results of the new survival game from Obsidian Entertainment - Grounded. Now the game is in the Early Access stage, and gamers tried it on July 28.

The main heroes have been shrunk to the size of ants and must survive against insects and bugs in their home's backyard. The game maintains all the traditions of this genre, including base construction, craft system, and character needs (water/food) for survival. 

The main feature of the game - is undoubtedly a unique setting, and interaction with the environment creates its own vibe. The game has a story mode, in which players try to investigate why they were shrunk and how they can return to the previous condition. Co-op mode is also included.

How has the game performed on Twitch?

2513 streamers have tried the game on a launch day, and 257K viewers watched the broadcasts at the peak. Such result appeared because many players wondered whether to buy the game in the Early Access stage.

The peak of Hours Watched appeared on the second day - 1,3M, but half of the viewers have left the broadcasts - 117K viewers at the peak. On day 3, people's interest in the game disappeared - 72K spectators at the peak and 897K Hours Watched.

Then the viewership dynamics was negative, and only on Day 7, the Hours Watched increased by 6% compared to Day 6.

The most popular streamer in this category was Cohhcarnage. For 13 hours of Air Time, he has reached 269K Hours Watched.

In second place is the Spanish streamer Alanzoka. He spent only 6 hours in the game and gathered the largest number of spectators at the peak in our list - 43K.

3rd place is behind the Brazilian YoDa - 225K Hours Watched and 22K Peak Viewers. Famous streamers Lirik and xQc also tried the game.

In general, the game has received positive feedback and attracted its audience and viewers, but as it's an Early Acess, the game doesn't have as much content as we would wish to. Devs promised to fix this with monthly updates. Grounded is the leader in sales on Steam at the moment, and 1M players have tried it in the first two days. The peak of online players concluded 16,851 thousand on August 2. 

Have you played Grounded? Please share your opinion on our social pages and on our Discord server.

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