IEM Beijing Online 2020: Viewership stats

IEM Beijing Online 2020: Viewership stats

IEM Beijing Online 2020 has finished on November 23 in four regions. The matches with NAVI in Europe attracted a lot of viewers, but North America showed surprisingly unpleasant results. What is the reason for such an outcome?


In Oceania, Renegades continue to dominate. They're the champions of the recent tournaments of this region. For example, they've taken first places on ESL One Cologne, ESL Pro League and DreamHack Open Summer.

Avant received the title of the most popular Oceania team of the tournament - 7,7K Average Viewers. Their battle with Order on the first day of the event reached the Viewers Peak - 14K.

The broadcast of IEM Beijing Online 2020 Oceania was held in two languages - English and Russian. That's why Russian-speaking viewers contributed 22% to Hours Watched, thanks to Maincast.


The Asian region performed better by Peak Viewers - 19K at the match between Tyloo and VG. Vici Gaming celebrated the victory, and 9,8K viewers watched their matches on average.

Tyloo became the most popular team with the result of 10K Average Viewers. This region also had a Russian-speaking broadcast, so 26% of Hours Watched belong to Russian viewers.


The battle in Europe was large-scale and unpredictable. All fans' eyes were on Natus Vincere - 237K Average Viewers.

There's a significant reason for such a mark. NAVI defeated Astralis, the top-3 team by HLTV, with a 2:0 score. This match became the second by popularity, and the peak mark concluded 352K viewers.

After the meeting with Astralis, "Born to Win" reached the final and fought the French team Vitality. Their match became the most popular with the result of 506K peak viewers on the broadcast.

Maincast gathered an immense amount of viewers - 211at the peak. But English-speaking viewers, despite their amount, made a significant contribution to Hours Watched - 53%. The official YouTube broadcast by ESL reached 137K Peak Viewers, and Twitch channel - 128K.

Portuguese-speaking viewers made a 12% contribution to HW. In this case, we can't but mention Gaules. Alexandre streams almost every CS:GO event, and this time he gathered 51K Peak Viewers, though he missed few matches in the playoffs.

North America

North America surprised us with its results in a bad way - only 76K Peak Viewers.

The reason for the lack of Brazilian viewers is the absence of such teams as MIBR or Furia at the tournament.

Moreover, we didn't see them because Gaules didn't stream the final stage. Alexandre Borba always attracts a lot of Brazilian fans to his streams. This time he also became the most popular streamer with the result of 32,952 thousand spectators at the peak of the stream on November 16, but with the beginning of the final stage, Gaules switched to the European region and commented only on it.

The battle between Liquid and Chaos in Group Stage became the most popular match of the event, and the finals were only at the 3rd spot in our rating with the result of 66K. 

42K viewers watched the finals on average. Many fans didn't watch North America after a complete BO5 match in Europe.

Brazilian Team oNe reached the biggest amount of average viewers - 55K. However, the team got only 5-6th place at the tournament and didn't enter the playoffs.

Such a disappointing result of the region by viewership stats once again shows how important community streamers are, even during esports tournaments.

The engagement of the streaming audience in esports was an open question in esports analytics until now. Our new report will help shed some light on the situation. In order to not miss it, subscribe to our social pages.

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