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LoL Summer 2020: LCS or LEC?

LoL Summer 2020: LCS or LEC?

This summer, the battle on the fields of justice for a place in the World Championship has resumed. The regular part of the LEC Summer has become one of the most popular among all regions. However, how is LCS doing?

Europe is once again taking the lead, this time being not alone in doing so

The coronavirus pandemic didn't leave the LoL competitive system unaffected. Nearly all the regional championships worldwide were forced to switch to the online format. Subsequently, the organizations have gathered the players in team house-based quarantine. This has naturally influenced the popularity of the events, making for a more intense competition.

Europe has the best viewability results when compared to the other region. The matches at LEC have attracted 244 thousand average viewers. Compared to 145 thousand average viewers of LCS, that's a 40% worth gap between the tournaments. It should be understood that therefore LCS already has fewer viewers than the Brazilian CBLOL – which is a not-so-positive trend.

LoL European Championship has managed to stand out by the number of broadcasts as well. These were available in ten languages, including Korean and Vietnamese. As for the American event, it featured broadcasts only in English, French, Italian and Korean. However, it was not the diversity that influenced the event's outcome.

Is G2 Esports the most popular Western team?

G2 Esports gathered the most viewers among the LEC teams. The matches of “samurai” were followed by 316 thousand average viewers. Fnatic, with their result of 310 thousand average viewers, were only six thousand viewers behind them.

Team SoloMid arrived to the first spot in the ranking of LCS participants with their 178 thousand average viewers. The silver in this region went to Cloud9 with their 163 thousand viewers.

Now, this time we will slightly distance ourselves from the viewability results for the championships themselves and talk about the situation on social networks.

Out of all the teams (and by an extremely large margin) Team SoloMid is at the very top. Hailing from the very roots of the discipline, this team has a total of 7 million 811 thousand followers.

It should be noted that the second spot was taken by the discipline's old guard, Fnatic. The winners of the first World Championship have secured 6.6 million followers.

Fun Fact:
Last year the team's Twitter account had a peculiar incident causing it to lose all the followers. Subsequently, these were restored.

There's a gap worth almost 60 thousand subscribers between G2 Esports and Cloud9. What's interesting, the last year's dominance of the “samurai” in Europe seemingly didn't help them in recruiting subscribers. In comparison, the discipline's history reveals some of the more productive teams having much more fans.

The ranking is honestly reminiscent of a chessboard, with all odd spots going to North American teams and all even spots going to the European championship representatives. Taking a look outside of "chessboard" section does not provide much clarity either: the spots above and beyond it went to the LCS participants, while the middle of the second ten remains claimed by LEC.

Note that TSM possesses the most popular Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts. The team's only failure to take gold here comes from Facebook – where they were outmatched by guys from Fnatic.

There's quite a good reason for this, too. In stark contrast to many other teams, SoloMid does not use social media segmentation: its accounts feature no roster-based, language-based, or any other kind of division. The team only has a single page per social network. To compare, Fnatic has separate pages for different disciplines. Meanwhile, MAD Lions have different pages for the Hispanic and English-speaking fans.

The EU vs. NA debate will be fully resolved only at the finals of the summer split, the dates of which for those regions are already known. Both Europe and America will have its last match on September 6th.

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