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The most popular streamers of August on Twitch: Esports revival

The most popular streamers of August on Twitch: Esports revival

Esports has revived. The first significant competitive tournaments have started, but were esports studios able to displace independent streamers? Let's find out.

In August, Spanish xQc has remained in the same position and improved his stats a little. Hours Watched increased by 1M, and the Viewers Peak by 5K compared to July. In August, Felix played Among Us the most - 4M of Hours Watched.

Gamesdonequick has become the second most popular channel. In August, there was the Summer Games Done Quick 2020 speedrun marathon, the results of which you can find in the corresponding article.

Gaules has made a comeback in the top-3.  His stats decreased significantly because of the CS:GO off-season and the absence of tournaments in July. DreamHack Open and ESL One Cologne 2020 of August increased Gaules' Hours Watched by 49%. The Viewers Peak concluded 183K. MIBR transition to Europe assisted the increase of the audience on broadcasts of the European Region.

The channels of LoL tournaments, LEC and LCS, entered in our top. The final stage began in mid-August, and we'll know its winners this weekend. Which region became the leader in the regular stage, and which LoL-teams are the most popular? More info in our article.

Dota2RuHub studio has climbed 36 positions up in our August top because of the broadcasts of Omega League in Dota 2. We've seen the streams of Asian, European, and American regions, but the league itself will end in September, so wait for our statistical conclusions.

TimTheTatman moved one position up this month and improved his Hours Watched by 34%. He reached 342K Peak Viewers during Fall Guys stream when he won the crown for the first time.

Shroud rebooted his Twitch career and managed to get into August's top-10, though he launched his broadcasts in the middle of the month.  As a result, his Viewers Peak was the highest in our top - 487K viewers (the fans could see more than 500K viewers during the broadcast). His Hours Watched concluded 7,6M. More about the Shroud's and Ninja's comeback to streaming in our article.

Russian top has shown the CIS region's preferences at once - Dota 2, CS:GO, Hearthstone, and LoL, that treached the top spots of our list thanks to the finals of the Continental League. 

Maincast became the top-2 channel of August because of the broadcasts of DreamHack Open Summer 2020, ESL One Cologne, and NA'VI 2010 vs. NAVI 2020 show match. The Peak mark (134K) was reached during the battle of two "Born to Win" rosters.

SilverName is leading among Russian independent streamers. His Hours Watched improved by 13% and the Peak Viewers by 2 thousand.

Russian studio of Riot Games has also experienced some growth thanks to LCL broadcasts and Teamfight Tactics. The Peak was reached at the finals of Continental League - 109K.

Evelone192 was banned permanently on Twitch, that's why his stats flopped this month. His Hours Watched decreased by 47% compared to July, and the Peak Viewers dropped by 34%.

Buster and Stray228 also had worse stats this month. The first one has lost 30% of Hours Watched and 32% of Peak Viewers. The Hours Watched of the second streamer decreased by 7%, but the Viewers Peak remained the same.

Famous YouTuber and streamer Jesusavgn closes our August top-10. He has reached 29K viewers at the peak thanks to the collaboration with Bratishkinoff in CS:GO.

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