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The most popular teams of Overwatch League

The most popular teams of Overwatch League

Which members of the Overwatch League have the most followers? Let's find out about the spots taken by the champions of the league's debut season and even more.

There, we summarized the total number of subscribers from the following four social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. All data was taken from the official pages of the teams on the Overwatch League website. It should be noted that every team maintains pages on each social network mentioned above.

San Francisco Shock became the most followed out of the leagues teams. The champions of the 2019 OWL season have a total of 387 thousand fans across their four pages. The Twitter account contributed the most to the overall result, having 195 thousand followers at the time of this article's writing.

Being not that far from them were the representatives of Dallas. The "blue flame" encompasses a total of 371,000 subscribers. Once again Twitter was responsible for most of this indicator, but this time the influence of YouTube was much bigger.

Overall, an interesting impression may be derived when looking at the individual social networks. Seoul Dynasty has the most followers on Facebook, while the San Francisco Shock has the best result on Twitter. Instagram is dominated by New York Excelsior, while Dallas Fuel stands at the top of YouTube-based accounts.

It should be mentioned that the last two spots were taken by the Chinese teams: Guangzhou Charge and Chengdu Hunters – while Hangzhou Spark was one spot ahead of them. Meanwhile, another representative of the country, Shanghai Dragons, occupied the 10th spot within the top.

Speaking about the Chinese teams, we should also mention their achievements on home turf.

When comparing the four teams by the number of subscribers on Weibo, the representatives of Shanghai became the most popular ones with a result of 389 thousand. Following them is Hangzhou Spark with 339 thousand subscribers. The last two spots went to Guangzhou Charge and Chengdu Hunters with 289 thousand and 238 thousand, respectively. Overall, these franchises are facing extreme lack of popularity outside their country.

In addition, all the franchises joining the league during the second season can be found in the second half of the table. The topmost one of these being the Atlanta Reign, taking the 12th spot for a result of 172 thousand people.

The Overwatch League playoffs will run from October 8th till 11th. The best Asian and North American teams will compete for a $3 million worth prize pool.

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