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Most viewed organizations in Q1 of 2020

Most viewed organizations in Q1 of 2020

The first quarter of 2020 for esports was replete and unusual at the same time. Enormous LAN-finals, the cancellation of the championships, unexpected switch to online - all these things have happened to the teams just in a couple of weeks. 

Today we’ll tell you which organizations survived these changes and kept the viewers’ attention longer than others. Note: We don’t consider the results Battle Royale rosters in our statistics for January-March 2020.

G2 Esports

The fifth position in our top of most viewed organizations in Q1 is occupied by European club G2 Esports. Multinational teams in various disciplines collected more than 16,2M Hours Watched. Not only the CS:GO roster was popular but also the Rainbow Six team, which took the second place during the 11th season of the European Pro League. More than 65K viewers watched the final match against Team Empire, and all popular matches of the top are with the participation of G2.

Though, the leader by viewership is G2's CS:GO team. Viewers have spent 7,7M hours watching their matches only for a few months. Of course, the biggest impact on this number was made by IEM Katowice 2020, that finished on March 1. Hours Watched reached the mark of 4,8M during this tournament. The final match against Na`Vi attracted 1M concurrent viewers, and it was a record.

G2 also set the bar in League of Legends. The team took the first place on LEC Spring 2020 and 284K viewers watched their games on average and all 5 most popular matches were with the participation of G2. The team collected 5M Hours Watched in this discipline in total. 

By the way, G2 is the only organization in our top that doesn’t have Dota 2 roster. So they didn’t get views in that category, that’s why their rivals got a chance to overtake them.

Evil Geniuses

The fourth place went to Evil Geniuses. However, the gap between EG and Ocelote was literally miserable. Evil Geniuses collected only on 27K Hours Watched more during the Q1 of 2020. But the EG's CS:GO team can't boast about their results of the Majors, so their Dota 2 team backed them up.  

In the beginning of 2020, Dota 2 team managed to take some prize-winning places on the LAN and online tournaments. One of the most prominent was the major DreamLeague Season 13 in Leipzig, which was held at the end of January. Although Evil Geniuses lost at the finals,  they became a leader by Hours Watched - 7,2M hours in total. 

After DreamLeague, the team showed itself at the 12th season of Summit and in NA region of WeSave! Charity Play. We can assume that now EG is experiencing serious problems due to the fact that their players are from various regions, but this definitely helps the organization to keep the viewers’ interest in each country of the world. 

Team Liquid

Team Liquid, that took the third place in our ranking, was not too far away from their rivals. The teams of this organization collected 16,5M Hours Watched in total for the first quarter of 2020. At the same time, the organization have spent much more hours on the broadcasts than its closest competitors - 230 hours against 149 and 132 by EG and G2 respectively.

Team Liquid is the great example of how the organization stays in our ranking without showing incredibly high results. During the LCS Spring Split, Liquid stayed only at the 9th position. The CS:GO team was not able to enter the top-3 at Intel Extreme Masters XIV - World Championship. And the main achievement of the Dota 2 roster for the Q1 is 5-6th place on Leipzig’s Major. However, their fans are loyal to the organization and they continue to support them. 


Fnatic is the silver medalist of the first quarter. The games of this organization collected 17,2M Hours Watched at the beginning of 2020 and the audience was from completely different regions. 

CS:GO roster distinguished the most by collecting 6,2M Hours Watched. The biggest part of this number (3,6M) is from IEM Katowice 2020, that has set a few records by the amount of audience. Fnatic reached only the semi-finals of the tournament, but at the same time they're the third popular team of the event. 

LoL roster made a great impression during LEC Spring split including playoffs in April. 270K viewers watched their games on average. Their match in the regular season against G2 reached top-3 most watched matches of the event.

As for Dota 2, Fnatic couldn’t become a leader by viewership statistics. In the first quarter the team won The Summit 12, but even this didn’t help them to surpass the Evil Geniuses by popularity. The amount of spectators on the grand-final against OG.Seed was less than on the matches of the lower bracket. Not to mention a small number of views of regional tournaments and leagues.

Natus Vincere

While the gap between the previous competitors was hundreds or thousands of hours, the leader of the first quarter of 2020 has surpassed them by several millions. Natus Vincere took the first place in this list by collecting more than 23M hours watched. 

Actually, if NAVI only had a CS:GO roster, the organization would still be the number one in this top. Only for the first months of 2020 the viewers have spent 18,6M Hours Watched looking the matches of “Born to win”. And there we again should mention the phenomenal IEM in Poland - The historical way to Na`Vi’s victory was watched by 393K viewers on average. Few weeks before the IEM Natus Vincere became the most popular team on BLAST Premier Spring 2020 and then broke the viewership records on ESL Pro League Season 11: Europe. Even though Na`Vi have lost their first place in the HLTV rating, they’ll be number one by the viewers' number for a very long time. 

The other rosters of the Ukrainian organization couldn’t boast about such results, but they still attracted a lot of viewers. For example, their Dota 2 roster took the 9-12 place on the Major in Leipzig, but their elimination match was one of the 3 most popular matches of the event. Their battle against Team Liquid in the lower bracket was watched by 371K simultaneous viewers.

The first quarter of 2020 is still affected by the results of major LAN-finals, even though IEM held the playoffs without spectators at the stadium. The result of the next months will show how the popularity of organizations will be affected by the full transition to online, and, most important, we'll talk about the division of viewers by regions.

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