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MPL ID Season 6: Absolute record

MPL ID Season 6: Absolute record

The sixth season of Mobile Legends Professional League was one of the most popular tournaments of August and September. The previous season set a high bar in terms of stats. Today we'll answer the main question: Is there a new record for the discipline?

To achieve a fully reliable result, you need to consider one fact. NimoTV belongs to the Chinese platform Huya, which uses the "broadcast rating" term. The same situation can be with NimoTV. 

So far, there is no generally accepted methodology to calculate the viewers on the platform accurately, so we can not guarantee that the data from NimoTV is completely reliable. 

Therefore, we've additionally compared the figures with the exception of this platform for a more valid outcome.

MPL ID Season 6 ended on October 18. 8 teams in total fought for $300,000, as in the previous season. This time we haven't seen the rematch between the champions of the 4th and 5th seasons of the Indonesian League - EVOS Legends and RRQ.

To everyone's surprise, EVOS left the tournament after the first match of the playoffs, but it did not prevent them from becoming the fourth most popular team - 408K Average Viewers.

We should note that EVOS are the leaders by the popularity in SEA based on the number of their subscribers. Moreover, on the same day, EVOS parent company has raised $12M of Korean investments for esports development, so we're waiting for new achievements and rosters.

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Rex Regum Qeon again became the champions of the season, without losing any match. 2,8M Peak Viewers watched their final battle against Alter Ego. This result is incredible for a mobile esports event.

1,1M viewers from that number came from YouTube, the second most favored platform of the tournament. Currently, this match is the most popular esports meeting in 2020 by Peak Viewers on this platform.

The match has taken the third position in the overall list. It was overtaken only by meetings from Worlds 2019 Playoffs. Moreover, this is a record for SEA teams because other matches in top-5 were with participation of Korean and European teams. YouTube experienced viewers growth almost in half compared to the fifth season.

Regarding NimoTV, one of the reasons for such hype is the exclusive MLBB skins giveaway for viewers of this platform.

The tournament also was broadcast on Facebook - 215K Peak Viewers. Apart from official Indonesian broadcasts, the organizers also hosted an English-speaking studio - 59K viewers at the peak.  

Season 6 of the Indonesian League was able to set a new record by Peak Viewers and become the most popular tournament in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang discipline for all time. Compared to Season 5, the peak increased by 145% (68,4% without NimoTV).

This isn't the end - the tournament collected 67M Hours Watched, which is also the best result in the discipline. The HW mark increased by 153% compared to the previous season, without NimoTV it is 56,8%.

The winners RRQ attracted 637K Average Viewers at their matches, and their opponents Alter Ego gathered 467K Average Viewers.

Season 6 of the Indonesian League was very successful. The battles in the Philippines and Malaysia with Singapore will be held until October 25, and Myanmar will finish on November 1, so let's see if they can update their records.

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