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Ninja Battles: Could have been better?

Ninja Battles: Could have been better?

Tyler Blevins is one of the top Fortnite streamers. Moreover, he has already received some awards for his achievements in streaming. Thus, his own tournament was just a matter of time.

The first Ninja Battles event was held on May 28th, but what interrupted the tournament and affected the statistics?

In 2019, Tyler signed a contract with the Mixer and streamed exclusively on this platform. Therefore, the first two tournaments were held on Mixer, but then the platform suddenly closed.

That’s why Ninja looked for a new place for his broadcasts. Ninja Battles #3 was held on August 13, the break lasted for 2 months. Tyler has chosen a new platform and continued to build his career on Twitch.

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Switching to Twitch clearly had a positive impact on the tournament statistics. Ninja Battles #3 collected the biggest amount of Hours Watched - 523K, that time Ninja streamed on his Twitch channel.

Many popular streamers and professional Fortnite players were invited to the tournament, including Сlix from NRG, Bugha from Sentinels, and Scoped.

Twitch is the primary platform for most of the tournament participants, so the broadcasts by these streamers gathered more viewers and overtook Ninja’s streams on Mixer.

For comparison, during Ninja Battles #1, Bugha collected 25K Peak Viewers on Twitch, and 17K Peak Viewers watched Ninja on Mixer.

The results of the tournament maybe would be worse if Ninja continued to stream on Mixer. If we compare the Hours Watched of the first and second weeks, we’ll see a decrease by 50,6%.

The growth of Hours Watched during the third week concluded 125%, as fans expected Ninja’s streaming comeback and the tournament itself. Ninja gathered 52K viewers at the peak of his Twitch broadcast, and 17K watched his YouTube channel.

But the growth in popularity was disproportional. Week 5 showed one of the worst results, only 131K Hours Watched. The stats of the Week 6 returned to the positive state. Hours Watched increased by 21% compared to Week 5.

Regarding language diversity, most of the streamers were English-speaking. You could see the battles of Portuguese streamers like Kennosv and Shikai along with Spanish-speaking Sujagg and Letshe from Germany.

The last tournament experienced a slight drop in Hours Watched, but the situation was still better compared to the times when Ninja streamed on Mixer.

Fortnite tournaments from different streamers became a trend recently. Thus, we saw the events from Grefg, Bugha, Llobeti, and others. Of course, we can’t but compare the results of all tournaments.

As we can see, the Ninja’s tournament has shown intermediate results compared to others. Grefg became the leader in terms of Hours Watched and Peak Viewers; his Fortnite Summer Edition 2020 collected 1,9M Hours Watched and 351K Peak Viewers only for 7 hours of Air Time.

The Ninja Battles series could have shown better results, but its success was interrupted by the Mixer’s closure and correspondingly long breaks between tournaments.

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