An overview of the esports launch of the new Call of Duty

An overview of the esports launch of the new Call of Duty

Activision decided to host an esports launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in the second half of November. A variety of matches between the invited participants took place as part of a series of events from teams. Let’s find out the audience’s reaction and whether the tournaments managed to succeed.

When it comes to the Call of Duty series, every year a new title is released in the fall – and ends up becoming the main esports title of this particular discipline. Last time Black Ops 4 was succeeded by the updated Modern Warfare, and now MW is being replaced by Black Ops Cold War. To commemorate this, the game’s publisher decided to hold an esports launch of the new title as part of the Call of Duty League.

CoD: Black Ops Cold War Launch Week featured a total of seven competitions (one for each day of the week). The formats used provided a lot of variety, featuring the classic 5x5 alongside the interesting ideas such as restricting certain weapon types or game modes. But classic multiplayer competitions still made up the bulk of the content. The total prize fund of the series amounted to $175,000 ($25,000 for each event).

Judging by all the key indicators, the OpTic Chicago Cold War Launch Event became the most popular tournament in the series. The competition reached the mark of 56 thousand peak viewers. As for the number of average viewers at the OpTic tournament, it reached 43 thousand.

Dallas Empire Battle of the Throne had the worst results out of the seven. Despite the team itself being quite popular in CDL, this didn’t help its championship to avoid failure. The competition reached the mark of 23 thousand peak viewers, which is only 41% of the OpTic Chicago Cold War Launch Event result.

The secret to success of the OpTic Chicago Cold War Launch Event lies in the list of participants. The team contains some of the most popular players. Some of these, like Scump, have millions of social media followers on social media.

The competition’s format allowed each of the organization’s players to become a captain of their own team and recruit players into it – some of which having a large following on social media. The resulting mix was rather effective at attracting attention, which is why OpTic’s tournament became the most popular.

But the number of viewers wasn’t affected by the list of participants alone. In the case of London Royal Ravens Cold War Colosseum the participation of famous personalities didn’t help the tournament much. And that’s given that Vikkstar123, one of the game category’s most popular streamers, reached the final.

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