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LoL Summer: The title of record holder was nearly taken by LEC

LoL Summer: The title of record holder was nearly taken by LEC

The League of Legends summer split always tended to be both incredibly important and incredibly interesting. Despite all the problems, this year's split did not disappoint and brought new records to the table. Our blog will tell you which of the regional tournaments has managed to shine this time.

This year, LoL Champions Korea has truly peaked in terms of its indicators. The final of the championship's spring split has gathered over 1 million peak viewers, setting a new record for all the regional competitions. While we saw a repeat of this situation in the summer, this time it turned out to be much more interesting.

This time the European tournament drew all the attention. The LEC semi-finals with the participation of both the G2 and Fnatic saw almost 900 thousand peak viewers. The next meeting on the teams was the next week already – now within the bounds of the summer split finals. Their encounter brought the championship 1 million peak viewers, although this number was still 70 thousand viewers behind the result of LCK Spring 2020.

Korean fans entered the fray right afterwards. The playoffs of the main tournament failed to collect the proper audience because of the loss of the regional favorites, T1. But it was for this same reason that the regional qualifiers managed to stand out – as it was where the Korean teams fought for the last LoL Worlds spot. The match for the ticket saw the clash of T1 and Gen.G, and was watched by 1 million 34 thousand peak viewers. By the way, this repeated the fate of the LEC by falling behind the existing record ever so slightly: by only 30 thousand viewers.

Back at the beginning of the summer split, we mentioned that LCS was showing rather ambiguous results, being even behind the CBLOL (which belongs to minor regions) in terms of viewers. Well, the American viewers started doing better, with America once again becoming the world's third most popular region by the end of the summer. Responsible for this was Team SoloMid, which is rightfully the most popular one among the American teams.

The main Chinese tournament, LoL Pro League, continued to grow and managed to once again set a new record this year – reaching the mark of 350,000 peak viewers. Meanwhile, the regional LPL final for the Worlds 2020 turned out to be not as interesting – as shown by its 250,000 peak viewers. In other words, the situation here was not even remotely close to the Korean one.

Talking about small regions, Vietnam is definitely worth mentioning. This championship's representative will miss Worlds 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic – but the bad news do not end here. The summer split of the Vietnam Championship Series was not as popular as the spring tournament – in fact, it was behind by as much as 30%.

One thing the summer split was notable for is the amazing creativity. In case of the CIS, the broadcast went to the pirate port of Runeterra. In Brazil, the season's final match took place on the rooftop. In comparison, the top LEC and LCS leagues were held online in empty studios while relying on webcam feed from the team houses of the participants.

Speaking of Brazil, we should definitely mention the new peak reached by the CBLOL. Like many others, the tournament managed to set its new record – that was first set in the very first week. The broadcast of the match of INTZ vs paiN reached the mark of 395,000 peak viewers – improving the event's previous record by 25%.

The Turkish gamers have also managed to improve their records, with a total of 136 thousand viewers being present on the most popular match of TCL Summer 2020. Rather than being the final match, it was the encounter between GS and 5Ronin that happened on the league's very first day. This means the growth by 27% when compared to the previous record of 106 thousand viewers.

As a whole, the summer split turned out to be extremely successful, with nearly every region of the planet managing to set its own personal record. This even applies to the CIS and its LCL – while in this region the game is still much behind its rival, Dota 2, we can see that the gap between the games is getting smaller by the year.

The ranking of the most popular matches of the summer gives us a proper understanding of the planet's most advanced teams and regions. Once again, the audience's love for T1 is rather impressive. The Korean team was present in five out of ten most popular matches of the summer split. In Europe, G2 Esports approached that result by having three of matches with their presence appear in the top.

Remember that the coronavirus pandemic will not prevent Riot Games from hosting the World Championship. The period from September 25th to October 31st will see the gathering of the planet's best teams in Beijing for the first international offline tournament to happen in a whole year.

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