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Six Invitational 2020: final review

Six Invitational 2020: final review

Six Invitational has come to an end and now we have a winner - Spacestation Gaming, who became the 4th champion in the history of this tournament and received $1,000,000. On previous week we made an overview of the group stage, so check it out. Today, we present the concluding remarks of this event.

Regarding other teams, Spacestation Gaming were competing in finale against Ninjas in Pyjamas, who ranked second place in tournament and recieved a $450,000. On the 3d and 4th place are Team SoloMid and BDS Esport accordingly. Basing on our statistics, viewers preferred NiP more comparing to the Spacestation Gaming in both categories: Hours Watched & Average Viewers. Even though G2 Esports didn’t reach the finale, they weren't losing the ground and kept their audience on their matches.

In general, the tournament was streaming on 6 different platforms, but, 76% of viewers preferred Twitch to watch the event. Six Invitational gained popularity with English and Portuguese speakers - 78% from the total number of peak viewers. Brazilian audience was on fire, they beat their own record - more than 100,000 people watched the stream of the final match simultaneously. Comparing to the peak viewers’ number from the Six Invitational 2019, the number of Brazilian viewers raised by 28%.

Overall, comparing to the previous tournament, we see a slight growth of viewers in each category, except for Russia and Japan and Taiwan. Japanese viewers decreased by 65%, Russian by 56% and Taiwanese by 55%. And general Hours Watched number obviously raised on 36% because the time of the event was extended due to the new gaming format. 

Even though the viewers' peak on the finale was slightly smaller, this discipline showed an impressing growth in every way comparing to previous events and it won't stop developing, including the fact that Ubisoft has already published their plans about the improving of the game.

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