Análises da Twitch

April Twitch analysis

April Twitch analysis

Stability is clearly not the word that can describe the modern internet. If something is popular right now it can become unnecessary tomorrow. This fact is easy to prove using our statistics about Twitch section’s popularity. However, sometimes there are periods of quiet. April 2018 is definitely one of them.

Revolution in Twitch happened in March — Fortnite became the most well known game on Twitch. Battle Royale from Epic Games proved that its popularity is not an accident as it continues to be the most viewed section of Twitch for the second month in a row. It became obvious that as long as Battle Royale is popular as genre, the position of Fortnite will be unshakable.

Hearthstone, the most popular virtual collectible card game in the world, stagnated for many months. Nevertheless, the release of the “Witch Forest” corrected the situation in April. Hearthstone became popular once more.

Overwatch attracts attention of a large audience primarily because of the Overwatch League. Hovewers the revolutionary tournament gatherers less and less people with each months. Overwatch is fun to play, but hard to watch — that is the problem of the game as the esports discipline.

Heroes of the Storm gathered many new viewers last month due to a huge amount of tournaments in April. Fifa 18 had a major event FUT Champions Cup Manchester 2018, which totaled 85.000 viewers on Twitch.

God of War is high-quality single player game with astonishing graphics and design, Nevertheless, it will lose many viewers next month since it is not competitive. The same can be said about Welcome To The Game II.

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