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Twitch categories in October 2020

Twitch categories in October 2020

The preferences of Twitch viewers drastically changed in October. VALORANT and Dota 2 are no longer in the top-10 of the categories. Moreover, Fall Guys, the Twitch phenomenon, even dropped out of the list. What was the source of such changes? Let's find out.

Something remains eternal: Just Chatting category is in the first place of the rating since May. Compared to September, the Hours Watched increased by 20%, and Viewers Peak also grew by 36K

Most spectators preferred to "just chat" with HasanAbi, thus he has reached 6,4M Hours Watched this month.

League of Legends results can't show off with their consistency. LoL returned his second position thanks to Worlds 2020, and, in general, the category's Hours Watched increased by 27%

On the other side, this is the first time when League of Legends doesn't obtain the first position by categories during the World Championship. In addition, even the final of 2020 didn't beat the Peak Viewers record. You can find the detailed results of World Championship 2020 here.

The interest towards Among Us doesn't stop, so the game remains in the top-3. The Hours Watched dropped by 26% compared to September, but the Viewers Peak was 8K more. We've seen the battles among streamers in this discipline as a part of FaZe Clan Among Us IN-VENT-ATIONAL.

Ibai from Spain became the top-1 Among Us streamer - 4M Hours Watched. But Auronplay gathered the most significant amount of viewers at his broadcast peak - 157K.

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Fortnite has also improved its results this month. Its Hours Watched growth concluded 10%, and Peak Viewers increased by 41%. New game events and tournaments like Ninja Battles could raise the viewers' interest this month.

FIFA 21 was officially launched on October 6, and only for a month, it reached the sixth position in the list with the outcome of 61M Hours Watched. The devs organized Twitch Rivals FIFA 21 Preseason Invitational and FIFA 21 Challenge to draw attention to the new game.  

The last event gathered 328K Peak Viewers, as the football fans liked watching the battles between streamers and professional footballers.

CS:GO remained at the same place, but its Peak increased by 41%. It happened because of many tournaments like IEM XV New York Online and DreamHack Open Fall 2020, and you can read about their results in this article.

Phasmophobia is another new title in our rating. This is cooperative horror, which only for one month became the top-2 game of its genre. Sodapoppin became the most popular Phasmophobia streamer in October with the result of 851K Hours Watched.

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The second part of the top is not as positive as we would like it to be.

VALORANT appeared in the 11th position in October. The Hours Watched decreased by 87K, even though a new hero was added to the game. Usually, updates attract viewers to the streams.

This month was a letdown for Dota 2.The game dropped out of the top-10 Twitch categories. The Hours Watched fell by 12%, and Peak Viewers by 42%. Even ESL One Germany couldn't save the category's stats, though it showed pretty good results.

New Action/RPG Genshin Impact has set the 14th position. The game was marked by a colorful open world and a free-to-play system. The mobile version with crossplatform gameplay increased the hype of the game.

We've already discussed the success of Genshin Impact after the first week on Twitch so that you can check this article here.

Rocket League has climbed two positions up thanks to the triumph of RLCS Season X Fall, 232K Peak Viewers watched the North American tournament. The Hours Watched and Peak Viewers increased 2x compared to September.

Special Events category appeared in 18th position, and French streamers affected this result the most. For three days, they played different games and raised money for charity as a part of the Z Event. You can learn more about this charity marathon in this article.

Dead by Daylight was in the last place of the rating. The Hours Watched decreased by 42%, while Peak Viewers grew by 9%. Twitch Rivals Dead by Daylight Halloween Showdown held the viewers' interest a little.

Overwatch, Teamfight Tactics, NBA2K1, and Fall Guys have fallen below Twitch's top-20 categories. The first game lost a lot, as all the broadcasts of esports competitions of Blizzard games are now held on YouTube.

NBA2K1 repeated the typical way of new games - first, they gather a bunch of spectators on broadcasts, as everyone is interested in the new project, but then the excitement disappears.

In the case of Fall Guys, the game lived its allotted time on Twitch because there are more engaging titles, which attracted viewers more. Sadly, even the second game season couldn't save the positions of the game.

The results of the month don't end here. Soon we'll provide the reports on streamers and tournaments in October.

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