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The most popular streamers in August

The most popular streamers in August

In August, Twitch streamers have explored several interesting topics at once. One of the platform's main channels has left it. Taking place at the same time was the release of WoW Classic (as well as of several other projects). This article will tell about the most popular streamers of August.

The summer has ended with a bang: for the first time since its inception, the top spot was not occupied by TFue. Instead, the first spot in terms of popularity went to another western streamer - Asmongold. This has happened thanks to the incredible interest of the community in the release of World of Warcraft Classic. 

The “vanilla” took a start so powerful that it has gathered more than 1 million peak viewers at Twitch. Some of these viewers were also broadcast by the current “Mr. No.1”. Of course, in September, the streamer may well lose this title – but at the end of August, it is he who is the most popular across the whole Twitch. 

It is worth noting that the second spot in the ranking was more than a million hours behind. As you can already understand, the silver went to TFue streams. Although he was removed from the top spot, he did not fall below the second spot. This was facilitated by Ninja's departure from Twitch. 

By the way, during one month at Mixer, he has lost nearly half of his hours watched. The figure fell to 3 million hours. As many expected, not all viewers of Tyler Blevins left with him. 

This is clearly visible by the result of hours watched. Since July, the figure has grown by almost 3 million units. However, the peak viewers of his broadcast have decreased from 164 thousand to 149 thousand people – which is caused by the decrease of hype after the Fortnite World Cup

Taking third spot in the ranking was xQc. He is one of the few who retained their positions as compared to the last month. As usual, the variability of the former pro-gamer's streams played into his hands. As a result, we have a solid middle of the ranking for the second time in a row. 

The favorite of the platform’s FPS audience, shroud, has returned to the top. This was partly helped by Mike's fondness of WoW. He has repeatedly appeared among the popular streamers of this game and even participated in one podcast even before the hype around the “classic” version came to be. As a result, a stable month (with a hot ending due to WoW Classic) has allowed him to reach the fourth spot in the ranking.

Completing the top 5 is gAuLeS. He did not fall out of our top due to his streams of matches of Brazilian teams. He was engaged in broadcasting of these for more than half a month – but he did not forget about ordinary streams either. The result is the 5th spot in the ranking.

Russian-speaking streamers showed themselves in an interesting way. The top spot of their respective top 5 has remained unchanged: the personal channel of ALOHADANCE again became the first among the ru-community. In August, he was able to collect 1 million 668 thousand hours and produced 23 thousand peak viewers.

SilverName became the second across the CIS. The curse of his nickname has reached Vladislav, as the streamer reached the second spot in the ranking. In August, his broadcasts generated a total of 1 million 392 thousand hours. This channel has also hit the mark of 15 thousand peak viewers.

Actually, many have expected "gold" from this channel, since most of the crowd consists of fans of the Blizzard games, just like the streamer himself. However, even the hype around WoW Classic did not help SilverName to reach the top once more. 

The middle of the list is taken by C_A_K_E. In July, he disappeared from the horizon, but now the channel has returned and occupies the third position in popularity. The variability of this channel has always played to its advantage, which is why for the first time it was able to achieve such a position in the ranking. 

The top ends immediately with two Dota 2 streamers. Stray228 and ybicanoooobov were able to keep their presence on the list. The fall in their popularity is obvious: most viewers were keen on watching The International. In addition to this, Stray228 was at this very tournament in Shanghai. The ensuing severe time limitations for these two channels have caused the decrease in their overall results.

Some might have noticed that there is no DreadzTV among the top 5. Andrei Golubev’s own channel is blocked, and therefore did not broadcast in August. Already in September, Andrei will return to the service and resume his streams.

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