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Valorant: First week on Twitch

Valorant: First week on Twitch

The debut of the new game from Riot Games was an enormous success. And since it's been a week already - it's time to look at the results. We are going to look at what happened with Valorant during its first week on Twitch.

Let us also remind you that recently we have written an article about the game itself. We've managed to not only try the new game out, but also to speak with the company's office in Moscow. You can read in details about all of this in our blog.

All in all, the game has lost about third of its peak. On the first day of beta-test we saw a phenomenal result of 1,7 million concurrent viewers, but after just one week the numbers have plummeted to 1 million. It's worth noting that most of the categories on Twitch can't even dream of these numbers.

On April 3, first day of the release, number of peak concurrent viewers managed to hit 1 million, and it happened during the Twitch Rivals competition, although it's worth mentioning that competitors have streamed pre-recorded matches. The game content itself was only showed on April 7.

Valorant broke the all-time concurrent viewers record on Twitch due to a number of reasons, but we are going to highlight the main ones:

First of all, the developers have invited a lot of famous personalities. Almost every top Twitch streamer wanted to try the new game out, and some of them even broke their personal records in terms of viewcount.

A second major reason for such success is definitely the Twitch Drops system. Basically, on some channels viewers had a chance to get the access to Valorant closed Beta.

However, there were quite a few streamers, who purposely lied that they have Twitch Drops enabled just to get more viewers. When developers found out about this scam, they've immediately notified the fans through the social media. After some time they've found the solution - to enable Twitch Drops on all channels.

The interesting thing is - more than half of viewers of the top streamers were not subscribed to their channels then, and they didn't see a reason to subscribe to them now, therefore the viewcount records did not affect the number of subscribers. Maybe, the amount of newly made accounts in order to increase the chances to gain access to Beta is at fault. As we've mentioned before, every viewer had a chance to win in a "raffle". Because of that, the amount of new accounts on Twitch was enormous. The numbers really do speak for themselves - since the beginning of April more than 10,000 accounts were created with the word "Valorant" in their nicknames.

The most popular streamers in the category are Summit1G, xQcOW and TimTheTatman. A lot of viewers were watching at least one streamer of the "Big Three", if others were offline. For example - 69% of TimTheTatman viewers were watching Summit1G, and 47% were watching xQcOW. The Numbers are basically the same for two other streamers. Also, another interesting fact - Summit1G has the same amount of total hours watched as both xQcOW and TimTheTatman combined. Part of it is probably because of the drops, people just tuned in to the most popular stream, so it's kind of an endless circle.

We've also noticed that half ofmillion viewers aren't interesting in streams particularly, they just want to get the keys. Although streamers are still getting benefits in terms of views, it still doesn't matter that much in a long run.

We can see similar results in the hours watched chart. Starting from the second half of the week viewcount numbers have drastically decreased. It was at that time when more and more viewers got their keys, so there was no need for them to watch the streams anymore.

The second day of the Beta-test showed some unexpected results - its total amount of hours watched was lower than on the third day. Most likely this is a direct result of the problems with keys distribution. As we have mentioned before, servers became overloaded due of the intense traffic on the second day, so Riot Games decided to temporarily stop giving out the keys.

And although Valorant is not planning to stop anytime soon, the number of peak concurrent viewers has already started decreasing, just a couple days ago it dropped down below 1 million, and it's far from over. We are going to continue to follow the situation closely and keep you informed about the new data. And if don't want to miss out - make sure to follow our social networks.

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