Valorant Ignition Series: July - September 2020

Valorant Ignition Series: July - September 2020

Riot Games continue to develop the Valorant esports scene with the Ignition Series, and tournaments are showing better and better results.

The series itself has been running since the beginning of summer. You can find the results of the first part of Ignition Series in our previous article. There were 8 more tournaments, and its time to sum up their stats. 

Order x Ignition was the first tournament in Oceania in terms of Ignition Series, and it has shown relatively good results - 7,8K Peak Viewers. But it was the least viewed tournament compared to others in the series. 

FaZe Clan has also joined other esports teams and organized its own FaZe Clan Invitational in the North American region. 170K viewers watched the game at the peak, and at the moment, it's the most popular tournament of Ignition Series. 

We've cooperated with and provided both viewership and game stats, which you can find in this article. We've made the same material about PAX Arena Invitational. 

Cyber Games Arena Pacific Open and LVL Clash 2 esports arenas also arranged their own Valorant events. But they couldn't enter the top positions of our list.

Let's discuss Pop Flash by Faceit. It was the last North American tournament of Ignition Series. 

8 invited teams participated in the event, and Sentinels were celebrating their victory. Their match with Envy collected 72K Peak Viewers in the finals. 

Cloud9 became the most popular tournament. 37K Average Viewers followed their matches. 

The official broadcast was the most popular. But we should note that independent streamer Myth gathered 24K Peak Viewers during his stream of the event. 

The event from Twitch and Blast is the most recent Valorant tournament.

One of the best teams in the discipline, G2FunPlus Phoenix, Liquid and NiP were fighting at the BLAST Valorant Twitch Invitational.

The tournament distinguished itself with 110K Peak Viewers at the match of G2 and FPX, but the linguistic diversity was the key feature of the event. 

Blasttv broadcast became the most popular - 64K Peak Viewers. 24K fans watched the Spanish channel Lvpes2, which also streamed the game. 

8K Turkish-speaking viewers came from gandhitw channel, and 4,6K Portuguese-speaking fans watched the battle thanks to Gaules. 

Ignition Series became an excellent opportunity for nonofficial organizers and content creators to experiment with the tournaments' format. Moreover, its profitable for Riot Games because the tournaments drew attention to the discipline itself and laid the appropriate foundation for future Valorant esports competition.

Upcoming Valorant events: 

Epulze Royal SEA Cup

Gamers Club Ultimate #2

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