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David NavaraChess

Czech Republic

David Navara Chess matches

Detailed statistics of all team matches are available on request in the form of reports.
The team does not have any public matches yet

David Navara Chess tournaments

LogoTitlePrize poolPeak viewersHours watched Event date
FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019 Jerusalem logo FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019 Je... Prize pool
$145 372
Peak viewers
12 007
Hours watched
191 487
Event date
10.12.19 - 24.12.19
Duration: 42 hours
FIDE World Chess Grand Prix Hamburg 2019 logo FIDE World Chess Grand Prix Ha... Prize pool
$130 000
Peak viewers
16 081
Hours watched
278 390
Event date
05.11.19 - 17.11.19
Duration: 53 hours

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