League of Legends (LoL) Tournaments Statistics in December 2018

League of Legends is the most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with the huge player base from the whole world. The Semi Finals of the the biggest yearly tournament Worlds 2017 totaled more than 100.000.000 viewers at once — there are no other game in the world which can gather so many people.

Riot, League of Legends developers, created well-developed esports infrastructure which includes local national leagues and a large amount of potential sponsors and investors. Riot even pay salaries to each professional player individually if they participate in local leagues or huge tournaments.  

League of Legends (LoL) Tournaments in December 2018

Logo Title Prize poolPeak viewersHours watched Event date
KeSPA Cup 2018 Prize pool $91 500 Peak viewers 198.16K
w/o CN: 198.16K
Hours watched 2.45M
w/o CN: 2.45M
18.12.18 - 31.12.18
Duration: 54 hours
Demacia Cup Winter 2018 Prize pool $72 395 Peak viewers 9.86M
w/o CN: 5.82K
Hours watched 267.75M
w/o CN: 31.04K
20.12.18 - 23.12.18
Duration: 38 hours
Superliga ABCDE Season 2 Prize pool $26 757 Peak viewers 28.33K
w/o CN: 28.33K
Hours watched 595.84K
w/o CN: 595.84K
09.11.18 - 23.12.18
Duration: 104 hours
Ultraliga Season 0 Prize pool $26 616 Peak viewers 13.40K
w/o CN: 13.40K
Hours watched 346.17K
w/o CN: 346.17K
22.10.18 - 23.12.18
Duration: 140 hours
Logicool G Cup 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 5.31K
w/o CN: 5.31K
Hours watched 9.31K
w/o CN: 9.31K
Duration: 3 hours
ESL Mistrovství Čr a Slovenska 2018 Prize pool $11 030 Peak viewers 1.55K
w/o CN: 1.55K
Hours watched 16.19K
w/o CN: 16.19K
14.11.18 - 16.12.18
Duration: 51 hours
ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2018 Prize pool $29 568 Peak viewers 21.91K
w/o CN: 21.91K
Hours watched 344.30K
w/o CN: 344.30K
03.10.18 - 16.12.18
Duration: 50 hours
Polska Liga Esportowa Season 4 Prize pool $26 051 Peak viewers 9.73K
w/o CN: 9.73K
Hours watched 146.15K
w/o CN: 146.15K
05.10.18 - 15.12.18
Duration: 80 hours
PG Nationals Predator 2019 Spring Promotion Prize pool - Peak viewers 1.68K
w/o CN: 1.68K
Hours watched 21.70K
w/o CN: 21.70K
14.11.18 - 12.12.18
Duration: 28 hours
Kayzr League Fall Split 2018 Prize pool $4 527 Peak viewers 0.51K
w/o CN: 0.51K
Hours watched 6.59K
w/o CN: 6.59K
17.10.18 - 10.12.18
Duration: 21 hours
Битва Университетов 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 10.59K
w/o CN: 10.59K
Hours watched 66.21K
w/o CN: 66.21K
24.11.18 - 09.12.18
Duration: 19 hours
All-Star Las Vegas 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 32.11M
w/o CN: 562.09K
Hours watched 274.45M
w/o CN: 6.40M
06.12.18 - 09.12.18
Duration: 20 hours
Gillette ULT Prize pool - Peak viewers 42.50K
w/o CN: 42.50K
Hours watched 345.86K
w/o CN: 345.86K
14.11.18 - 09.12.18
Duration: 16 hours
Maximus Cup 2018
Prize pool - Peak viewers 0.43K
w/o CN: 0.43K
Hours watched 2.05K
w/o CN: 2.05K
30.11.18 - 04.12.18
Duration: 11 hours
Iberian Cup 2018 Prize pool $30 665 Peak viewers 34.57K
w/o CN: 34.57K
Hours watched 457.80K
w/o CN: 457.80K
29.10.18 - 02.12.18
Duration: 51 hours
Tyler1 Championship Series Spring 2018 Prize pool $50 000 Peak viewers 123.23K
w/o CN: 123.23K
Hours watched 1.78M
w/o CN: 1.78M
24.11.18 - 02.12.18
Duration: 21 hours
Desafio UNILoL 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 18.44K
w/o CN: 18.44K
Hours watched 80.74K
w/o CN: 80.74K
01.12.18 - 02.12.18
Duration: 9 hours
Alienware Game Arena Championships 2018 Prize pool $15 000 Peak viewers 0.46K
w/o CN: 0.46K
Hours watched 1.88K
w/o CN: 1.88K
Duration: 5 hours
Circuito Tormenta Prize pool - Peak viewers 4.82K
w/o CN: 4.82K
Hours watched 18.47K
w/o CN: 18.47K
30.11.18 - 02.12.18
Duration: 8 hours
ESL Proximus Championship Winter 2018 Prize pool $10 000 Peak viewers 1.58K
w/o CN: 1.58K
Hours watched 10.77K
w/o CN: 10.77K
Duration: 10 hours
Games.CON LoL 5v5 Prize pool $1 985 Peak viewers 1.44K
w/o CN: 1.44K
Hours watched 5.21K
w/o CN: 5.21K
Duration: 6 hours
Red Bull Itemania 2018 Prize pool - Peak viewers 0.22K
w/o CN: 0.22K
Hours watched 1.18K
w/o CN: 1.18K
Duration: 6 hours

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