Esports Tournaments Statistics

This section provides access to all the esports and related events data collected by our team. By this we mean the top-discipline World Championships and charity festivals for casual gamers alike. Many of the geek events also fall within our sphere of coverage.

The special event pages contain more detailed information of a wide spectrum. It ranges from the more widely-known aspects (such as the prize pool and venue) to the exclusive viewership statistics data (average number of viewers, most popular matches, broadcast peak figures and much more).

Recent Tournaments

Logo Title Prize poolPeak viewersHours watched Event date
FUT Champions Cup April 2019 Prize pool $200 000 Peak viewers 116.33K
w/o CN: 116.33K
Hours watched 1.13M
w/o CN: 1.13M
05.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 27 hours
mTw Legendary cup Prize pool $5 331 Peak viewers 6.77K
w/o CN: 6.77K
Hours watched 50.66K
w/o CN: 50.66K
06.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 13 hours
National Dodgeball Championship Charlottetown 2019 Prize pool - Peak viewers 8.72K
w/o CN: 8.72K
Hours watched 40.96K
w/o CN: 40.96K
05.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 15 hours
MDI East Spring Cup #1 Prize pool - Peak viewers 130.36K
w/o CN: 21.40K
Hours watched 1.25M
w/o CN: 215.84K
06.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 15 hours
Toyota E-League Season 2019 Prize pool - Peak viewers 2.18K
w/o CN: 2.18K
Hours watched 6.41K
w/o CN: 6.41K
06.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 12 hours
Cobx Masters Phase 2 Prize pool $101 178 Peak viewers 5.11K
w/o CN: 5.11K
Hours watched 29.02K
w/o CN: 29.02K
05.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 18 hours
2019 Bullet Chess Championship Prize pool - Peak viewers 15.28K
w/o CN: 15.28K
Hours watched 127.32K
w/o CN: 127.32K
03.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 16 hours
Brussels Challenge Major 2019 (BlazBlue) Prize pool - Peak viewers 4.47K
w/o CN: 4.47K
Hours watched 13.83K
w/o CN: 13.83K
05.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 11 hours
Vietnam Lan Party 2019 - Đấu Trường Máy Tính Prize pool - Peak viewers 18.94K
w/o CN: 18.94K
Hours watched 62.85K
w/o CN: 62.85K
Duration: 8 hours
EA Champions Cup Spring 2019 Korea Qualifier Prize pool - Peak viewers 19.55K
w/o CN: 19.55K
Hours watched 103.90K
w/o CN: 103.90K
06.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 7 hours
The Everchosen Spring Invitational 2019 Prize pool - Peak viewers 11.24K
w/o CN: 11.24K
Hours watched 60.21K
w/o CN: 60.21K
06.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 10 hours
PMCO 2019 Vietnam Finals Prize pool $10 000 Peak viewers 5.51K
w/o CN: 5.51K
Hours watched 13.32K
w/o CN: 13.32K
Duration: 8 hours
RoV Pro League Season 3 Prize pool $313 116 Peak viewers 241.22K
w/o CN: 241.22K
Hours watched 11.07M
w/o CN: 11.07M
28.01.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 111 hours
Cobx Masters 2019 Phase II Prize pool $100 000 Peak viewers 17.49K
w/o CN: 17.49K
Hours watched 85.53K
w/o CN: 85.53K
05.04.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 21 hours
2019 WCS Winter Europe Prize pool $60 000 Peak viewers 34.69K
w/o CN: 34.69K
Hours watched 1.08M
w/o CN: 1.08M
31.01.19 - 07.04.19
Duration: 60 hours
LCS Academy Spring 2019 Playoffs Prize pool - Peak viewers 77.32K
w/o CN: 77.32K
Hours watched 825.93K
w/o CN: 825.93K
21.03.19 - 06.04.19
Duration: 20 hours
OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 Europe Qualifier Prize pool - Peak viewers 48.33K
w/o CN: 48.33K
Hours watched 503.73K
w/o CN: 503.73K
05.04.19 - 06.04.19
Duration: 18 hours
OPL Split 1 Season 2019 Prize pool - Peak viewers 22.33K
w/o CN: 22.33K
Hours watched 623.63K
w/o CN: 623.63K
18.01.19 - 06.04.19
Duration: 111 hours
Capcom Pro Tour Online 2019 Southeast Asia Prize pool - Peak viewers 3.59K
w/o CN: 3.59K
Hours watched 7.93K
w/o CN: 7.93K
Duration: 3 hours
OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 SEA Qualifier Prize pool - Peak viewers 41.94K
w/o CN: 41.94K
Hours watched 212.92K
w/o CN: 212.92K
05.04.19 - 06.04.19
Duration: 13 hours
Brussels Challenge Major 2019 Prize pool - Peak viewers 4.51K
w/o CN: 4.51K
Hours watched 32.76K
w/o CN: 32.76K
Duration: 10 hours
PJS 2019 Season 2 Phase 2 Prize pool - Peak viewers 10.71K
w/o CN: 10.71K
Hours watched 77.10K
w/o CN: 77.10K
22.03.19 - 05.04.19
Duration: 12 hours
LPL Pro League Season 1 Prize pool $6 738 Peak viewers 4.04K
w/o CN: 4.04K
Hours watched 35.43K
w/o CN: 35.43K
14.02.19 - 05.04.19
Duration: 23 hours
OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 NA Qualifier Prize pool - Peak viewers 17.66K
w/o CN: 17.66K
Hours watched 100.67K
w/o CN: 100.67K
02.04.19 - 05.04.19
Duration: 14 hours
ICPC World Finals 2019 Prize pool - Peak viewers 4.10K
w/o CN: 3.69K
Hours watched 21.52K
w/o CN: 19.97K
04.04.19 - 05.04.19
Duration: 9 hours
Honda Head2Head Event 6 Prize pool - Peak viewers 12.38K
w/o CN: 12.38K
Hours watched 17.66K
w/o CN: 17.66K
04.04.19 - 05.04.19
Duration: 2 hours
PMCO 2019 Indonesia Finals Prize pool $10 000 Peak viewers 23.79K
w/o CN: 23.79K
Hours watched 86.92K
w/o CN: 86.92K
Duration: 8 hours
OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 CIS Qualifier Prize pool - Peak viewers 67.21K
w/o CN: 67.21K
Hours watched 563.09K
w/o CN: 563.09K
03.04.19 - 04.04.19
Duration: 17 hours
PMCO 2019 Malaysia Finals Prize pool $10 000 Peak viewers 2.19K
w/o CN: 2.19K
Hours watched 8.78K
w/o CN: 8.78K
Duration: 7 hours
LFL Spring 2019 Prize pool $34 000 Peak viewers 17.33K
w/o CN: 17.33K
Hours watched 539.10K
w/o CN: 539.10K
22.01.19 - 03.04.19
Duration: 85 hours

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