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Arena World Championship: Adverse results

Arena World Championship: Adverse results

Arena World Championship for World of Warcraft is an integral part of BlizzCon esports tournaments. Last year's tournament significantly lagged behind its predecessor by statistics, so what has changed in 2020? 

This year, BlizzCon was canceled due to the world's epidemiological situation, so the organizers changed their plans and hosted online tournaments.

Previously we've told you about AWC regional cups, which became the first World Championship qualifiers. You can discover their results in this article.

AWC Circuit was the next step towards the grand battle. The events were held for 4 weeks, from the end of August to the middle of September.

The broadcasts were held only on YouTube because Blizzard made an official transition to this platform.

The official World of Warcraft channel became the most popular. Moreover, there were also official broadcasts for LATAM, CIS, and Spain, which only expanded the audience.

In addition, PVP fans were able to watch the qualifiers in Spanish and Arabic thanks to CCA Entertainment and Empire Play channels.

The final of Arena World Championship was divided into two regions - North America and Europe. But it didn't overtake the first week of AWC Circuit by stats, not mentioning the AWC of the previous year.

The transition to YouTube clearly didn't improve the statistics, as Blizzard fans are very used to Twitch. 

The online-only format also had its disadvantages, as viewers complained about the terrible sound and video quality. Therefore, the Hours Watched decreased by half, and the Peak Viewers was 27% lower than in 2019, when the event was broadcast on Twitch.

The final and the qualifiers were broadcast on several official YouTube channels in different languages, but the English broadcast again became the most popular.

4 teams fought in each region of the finals. WildCard Gaming became the European champions, but the title of the most popular AWC EU team is owned by Coffin Dance, as almost 19K Average Viewers watched their matches. 

Method Black, last year's AWC winners, did not fight for the title this year as the guild fell apart over allegations of harassment and rape. So the legendary line-up can now be seen under a new name, Echo.

As for America, the victory was taken by the Meow Meow Kitty Katz team, but Charlotte Phoenix is a leader in terms of Average Viewers - 18K.

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