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Clash of Clans: The first two qualifiers

Clash of Clans: The first two qualifiers

The first two qualifiers for the Clash of Clans World Championship 2020 have arrived to a closure with the results that are quite ambiguous. Additionally, this year was marked by the changes for the discipline itself.

The usual routine saw the start and the end of the qualifiers for Clash of Clans World Championship in March and at the end of summer, respectively. But this time the system was changed, with all the participants now being required to enter the closed qualifiers for the World Championship through the Clan War in-game league. Afterwards, the closed qualifiers would be held, encompassing the period from June to November and determining the participants for the main tournament of the year.

Taking a look at the results of this year's qualifiers shows us some rather large problems. The indicators of 15 thousand peak viewers and 10 thousand average viewers obtained by the year's second qualifying tournament are an absolute anti-record among all the qualifiers. And that's given that the peak viewers' indicator was achieved during the match of the last year's world champions, NOVA.

As is the case with many other mobile games, YouTube keeps being the main streaming platforms. The Twitch- and Facebook-based broadcasting goes head-to-head, with the Amazon's platform displaying a higher average viewers indicator, whereas the project of the social network displays a higher peak viewers indicator.

Among all the languages, English stands out the most by bringing the qualifiers over 90% of the hours watched. Spanish became the second most popular language for the qualifiers, with German language closing the top 3. The qualifiers also featured the broadcasts in Chinese and Korean.

Tribe Gaming became the most popular team of the first qualifier, with 15.8 thousand average viewers. The second qualifier had the guys from Spacestation Gaming at the top with a result of 12 thousand average viewers. Meanwhile, NOVA Esports (the reigning champions) only managed to arrive at the third spot.

All of this shows us that the discipline is experiencing difficulties in the coronavirus-ridden world. While the situation isn't that bad when compared to the same qualifiers from the last year, in the scope of the overall trends everything seems to be pretty grim.

We are looking forward to four more qualifiers. These will help to obtain a better understanding of the popularity of Clash of Clans. We will continue monitoring the situation, and in case you don't want to miss any new articles on this topic, be sure to subscribe to our Twitter, Facebook and VK pages. Also, don't forget to share your opinion at our Discord server.

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