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Copa Nobru in the TOP-10 most popular Free Fire events

Copa Nobru in the TOP-10 most popular Free Fire events

Mobile esports is not that popular on Twitch, but the recent Copa Nobru tournament from the popular Brazilian player Nobru aimed to break this trend. Was this attempt successful?

We have mentioned the popularity of Garena Free Fire several times already. The mobile battle royale being rather popular among the Latin American gamers was something Twitch successfully utilized to its own advantage.

With their support, the popular Brazilian cyberathlete Bruno “Nobru” Gus held his own Free Fire tournament for South American teams. The official Twitch broadcast of this event managed to attract a significant number of viewers as compared to the discipline's other competitions.

Media coverage-wise, Bruno is one of the most popular players in his country. His victory at the Free Fire World Series 2019 yielded him the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title along with much respect and popularity among the local audience. His YouTube channel has already exceeded 10 million subscribers. Obviously, the competition benefited a lot from the support of such a popular personality.

The championship gathered a total of 381 thousand peak viewers and 184 thousand average viewers. The mark of 6 million 568 thousand hours watched was reached as well.

As we already mentioned, the tournament's peak viewers indicator became the ninth best one for Free Fire so far – being only outmatched by both World Championships and the official tournaments for Latin America from the developers. Therefore, Copa Nobru is certainly the most popular out of the discipline's tournaments conducted without developer support.

It should be understood that only the Portuguese stream was available to the streamers on three platforms at once. Out of these, YouTube came first with 4.6 million hours watched, accounting for 70.7% of the total amount. Meanwhile, Twitch's own indicator was much lower, only reaching 29.1% of the championship's total hours watched.

Now, when looking at the peak viewers indicators of various platforms, Twitch is much better off. This service gathered a total of 289 thousand peak viewers – which is only 5% behind Youtube's own 305 thousand peak viewers.

Black - YouTube, Green - Twitch

The "purple" platform was maintaining its popularity due to YouTube stream's blatant redirection of viewers towards the rival's service in the two final days. Despite both broadcasts starting at the same time, the viewers of Google's website have faced the offer to continue watching the championship on Twitch once reaching the mark of one hour and a half – at which time the YouTube broadcast simply stopped.

It was this course of action that allowed reaching the mark of nearly 300 thousand viewers. Most of them were the fans of the game redirected towards the matches by the rival platform. But just how fair is such an approach, and how come YouTube itself allows it despite the prohibition of such activities by the platform's rules?

All in all, Twitch.tv's attempt of attracting new viewers to the platform was rather successful. So far the Asian mobile esports fans may be the only segment of the audience the service would have any problems with – given that the "purple" didn't manage to establish its name in that particular region, as opposed to YouTube with its worldwide coverage.

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