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Esports and coronavirus

Esports and coronavirus

Nowadays many countries are entering the active phase of suppressing the spread of the coronavirus, therefore affecting all the important sports and cultural events. This, of course, includes esports, and today we will inform you about the major competitions already affected by this particular factor.

IEM Katowice was the last large-scale championship hit by the coronavirus factors, with the playoff matches being held without presence of public as per the decision of the Polish authorities. This was met with a mixed reaction on the web, given that the "empty arena" news have popped up right before the beginning of this stage of the championship.

These kinds of news no longer come abruptly, however – as we can now see the major championships being postponed or canceled altogether in a few months before their starting date. Still, the esports is different from traditional sports in having advantage of online competition format. Therefore, some of the organizers have looked into this aspect.

Moreso, the lack of the real-life audience in no way translates into the shortage of viewers – which was confirmed by the recent IEM Katowice event. Despite facing a number of problems, it has managed to become the most popular CS:GO tournament outside of the Major series.

So, which of the future tournaments were adjusted, canceled or postponed?


  • ESL One Los Angeles 2020 (Dota 2);

  • Overwatch League (Overwatch) - all the matches scheduled for March and April were canceled, as for their future fate that's yet to be decided;

  • FUT Champions Stage # 5 (FIFA);

  • PlayStation Qualification Tournament (FIFA);

  • Brussels Challenge (Street Fighter V);

  • Norcal Regionals (Street Fighter V);

  • April Annihilation (Street Fighter V);

  • Taipei Major (Street Fighter V);

  • Electronic Entertainment Expo;

  • DreamHack Tours (CS: GO, LoL, Fortnite, HS, SSB, FIFA);

  • TwitchCon Amsterdam;

  • RL Season 9 World Championship (Rocket League);

  • EPICENTER Major 2020 (Dota 2);

  • OGA Pit Minor 2020 (Dota 2);


  • Mid-Season Invitational 2020 (LoL) – the event was rescheduled from May to June;

  • LCK Spring (LoL) – was postponed indefinitely;

  • PGS: Berlin (PUBG) – was postponed indefinitely from the planned April date, with the developers sticking to their original 2020 esports season plan;

  • Gwent World Masters (Gwent) – was postponed indefinitely;

  • Apex Legends Global Major 1 (Apex Legends) – was postponed indefinitely;

  • CONMEBOL eLibertadores (FIFA) – was postponed indefinitely;

  • Europe International Championships (Pokemon) – was postponed indefinitely;

  • TEKKEN World Tour 2020 (TEKKEN) – the qualifiers were postponed;

  • SOULCALIBUR World Tour (Soulcalibur VI) – the qualifiers were postponed;

  • LEC Spring (LoL);

  • LCS Spring (LoL);

Adjusted format:

  • LPL Spring (LoL) – online format of the matches;

  • RLCS Season 9 (Rocket League) – online format of the matches, with extra $ 250,000 being added to the league's prize pool by the organizers;

  • ESL Pro League Season 11 (CS: GO) – online format of the matches;

  • Hearthstone Masters Tour Los Angeles (HS) – online format of the matches;

  • FLASHPOINT (CS: GO) – the playoffs will be held in a studio;

Unclear status:

  • The International 2020 (Dota 2) – on the verge of cancellation, given that all the public activities with more than 500 participants were forbidden by the Swedish authorities;

  • 2020 World Championship (LoL) – was to be held in China, which is currently the center of the coronavirus epidemic;

  • ESL One: Rio 2020 (CS: GO) – could become an audience-free event.

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