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Fnatic vs G2: Record-breaking Europe "El Classico"

Fnatic vs G2: Record-breaking Europe "El Classico"

Matches between G2 Esports and Fnatic have always been a rare, but very exciting treat for the western LoL fans. This time, match between these two teams in the LEC semifinals set some new records, but before we jump right into that, here is a little historical excursion: Over the past two years, these two Europe teams have been dominating the world.

In 2018, Fnatic had reached the finals of the World Championship, and G2 Esports have done the impossible - they won Mid-Season Invitational, and in fall, they have made an incredible run to the Worlds finals.

New format of the European division has also added to the hype. Since 2020, the amount of matches has been pared down to the minimum. They have only met two times during the regular season. As you can see on our chart, in previous tournaments these teams had faced each other up to 4 times.

All of this has only attracted more viewers to the LoL European Championship, which is also confirmed by our data. First match after the Worlds 2018 between these teams gathered 307,000 viewers at its peak. It is 94% more than on the previous split. Their last match has attracted almost 900,000 viewers.

We can also notice an insane increase in viewership by comparing two finals between these teams. While EU LCS Spring Split 2018 gathered a considerable amount of viewers at its peak (546,000 to be exact), LEC Summer 2019 finals have attracted over 841,000 viewers.

In 2020, Fnatic and G2 Esports have raised the bar once again. Around 898,000 viewers were watching incredibly emotional semi-finals between these teams in the LEC Summer 2020. It is a best result to date amongst all semi-finals of the regular seasons of the regional LoL tournaments. If these teams met each other again, but in the finals, they just might surpass the LCK record in over one million viewers.

So, what exactly happened during their last fight? In general, a lot of viewers came to watch the game just to find out if Fnatic were able to finally put an end to their string of defeats versus the "samurai". Also, the fact that the winner of this match was guaranteed a place at the Worlds 2020 Main Event has also added to the hype.

An incredibly close and intense best of 5 series is also a big factor for such a large amount of viewers, and we can safely assume that a lot of viewers were jumping out of their chairs from excitement after every fight during the fifth map. All in all, the emotions were running high, and some of the best commentators along with the analysts have only increased the level of excitement. It's worth noting that it's the third match between these teams that lasted the whole 5 hours. Last time it happened during the LEC Summer 2019 finals.

So, what was the viewer’s reaction to such semi-finals? Well, we've analyzed Twitch chat on the LEC channel during the match. Overall, 217,000 messages has been sent, and 66% of them were emoji’s. MorphinTime, en emoji in the form of lightning, became the most popular one due to the numerous copypastas spam to support the teams.

These copypastas were the main reasons for why the word "this" became the most popular one throughout the whole broadcast, and has been used 27,600 times. In terms of the support from the fans, G2 has been mentioned 0.5% more than Fnatic. By the way, if 97% of the mentions of G2 Esports have been positive, we can't say the same about Fnatic, as only 80% of the comments towards them have also been positive.

There is a possibility for us to witness the "revenge of the samurai" this weekend. If G2 can overcome Rogue in the loser’s bracket finals, we just might be able to see the repetition of the LEC Summer 2019 finals. And, without a doubt, if it happens - there is a big chance that the tournament might surpass one million viewers at its peak.

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