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Free Fire x La Casa de Papel: Viewership stats

Free Fire x La Casa de Papel: Viewership stats

The collaborations with famous franchises are not a new thing for the gaming industry, but they draw a lot of attention to the game every time.

Free Fire, mobile battle royale, has cooperated with Netflix and launched a bunch of in-game events related to the Money Heist TV-series.

The players completed the new missions and received exclusive skins and items. Moreover, the devs added a new Money Heist game mode, where the teams of 4 need to collect money within an allotted time. The Free Fire team also presented a mini-series as a part of such crossover.

A special Free Fire tournament called La Casa de Papel has become a cherry on top. It was made mostly for the Spanish audience because the game is #1 in this region.

149K viewers watched the tournament at the peak, and the biggest part of spectators preferred the official Free Fire LATAM YouTube channel the most - 66K Peak Viewers. Independent Spanish-speaking streamers also joined the party, so TioZheninjas, TheEzioAzper and RikuGamer2612 streamed the event on their official Facebook pages.

Hours Watched reached the mark of 683K hours just for two days of the tournament, and the broadcasts were held on 3 platforms - Nimo TV, YouTube, and Facebook. 

The viewers liked Nimo TV the most - 89K Peak Viewers. This platform rarely reaches the top list in other countries, but in this case, its caused by the unique features of the region.

Strange that no one organized the broadcast on Booyah, as this platform was made exclusively for Free Fire events.

Overall, these collaborations only help the gaming disciplines and esports industry in general because they bring more attention to the game, attract the new players, and warm up the gamers' interest.

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