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GlitchCon: Viewership statistics

GlitchCon: Viewership statistics

Coronavirus took away not only the opportunity to see our relatives but also to visit public events. TwitchCon is one of the most important events among streaming lovers, but it was also held in a changed format. Let's see how the event showed itself in terms of COVID-19.

How was it earlier?

TwitchCon was usually held two times a year in the USA and Europe and gathered thousands of visitors and platform representatives in the venue.

This year is different because of the pandemic. We haven't seen the regular TwitchCon, but the platform cheered us with a new online-event called GlitchCon. It included both entertaining and competitive events.

What was fun?

There was a lot of content at the festival, so no one was bored during the 12-hour broadcast. During this time, we've seen:

- The opening ceremony;

- Cosplay contest "Multiverse Edition";

- Charity marathon together with "GDQ";

- The show "Guess the Gamer";

- Talent Show with a prize pool of $40,000;

- Games with robots in IRL;

- GlitchCon after-party.

Competitive content

To warm up the audience, the organizers held pre-competitions among streamers in three categories. Minecraft Pre-party became the most popular by collecting 223K Peak Viewers, and they preferred to watch the broadcast on GeorgeNotFound's channel the most.

He collected 69K Peak Viewers, as he's one of the most famous content-makers of this game. In comparison, Twitch Rivals got only 6K viewers.

VALORANT has shown the worst results. The reason is that it did not involve famous personalities of this discipline, and the event was broadcast by the minimum number of channels - only 11.

A total of 425 streamers participated in the main events. The battles took place in 4 disciplines, but the viewers preferred to watch Fall Guys because of the large number of streamers as participants. As a result, Fall Guys Showdown collected 303K at the peak of the broadcast and became the most popular of all battles.

Twitch Rivals was the most popular channel, as it was streaming the whole event from the start, and it collected 448K Hours Watched and 76K Peak Viewers.

If we analyze top-5 streamers of competitive categories, they'll be all related to Fall Guys. Twitch Rivals is again at the top spot, and xQc with 74K viewers is right behind it. So Felix was the most popular among community streamers.

xQc is a special case on this event. Initially, Felix pretended to be the most popular streamer in 2020, but his channel was banned for streamsniping on Twitch Rivals GlitchCon Super Team Showdown ft. Fall Guys. He was suspended from participation in Twitch Rivals events within six months, and his cash prize was revoked. His teammates Nightblue3, Mendo, GrandPooBear, and Tfue were punished in the same way.

The difference from the overall top is that in the list of Showdown streamers, Tfue takes 4th position with the result of 146K Hours Watched, and in 5th place instead of Georgenotfound is Timthetatman - 77K Hours Watched.

Twitch Rivals, Loltyler1, and xQcOW channels have the highest percentage of audience intersection. This can be explained in such a way: fans came to watch the official channel of the event to understand what was going on and then went to watch the competition with their favorite streamer.

Twitch Rivals has the largest number of unique spectators for the whole tournament - 529K spectators.

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