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MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup: The domination of Indonesia

MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup: The domination of Indonesia

One of the most important Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournaments has ended on the weekend. MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup has shown who is the true leader of Southeast Asia.

The regular stage of MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup became the most popular tournament of June by collecting 705K viewers at the peak. But the result has improved thanks to the playoffs.

About the participants, all top teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar gathered on the tournament and fought for a $100,000 prize pool.  

The teams were divided into 3 groups during the regular stage. In the playoffs, the winners of the last MPL MY/SG, MPL MM, and MPL ID seasons had the advantage and got into the upper bracket.

RRQ became the winners of the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup. They’ve met EVOS.LGN in the finals and their battle was a rematch of MPL ID Season 5. RRQ were dominating during the whole match and took the win again. Their battle became the most popular - 1M concurrent viewers watched their showdown.

The RRQ themselves became the most popular team of the tournament by collecting 629K viewers on average.

Regarding other teams, apart from RRQ, the champions of MPL MY/SG Season 5 Resurgence also appeared in our top. They’ve collected 4,2M Hours Watched. Burmese Ghouls from Myanmar and Alter Ego from Indonesia also received their moment of fame.

We should highlight the total domination of the Indonesian region. Indonesian teams both win major tournaments and gather the largest number of spectators on the broadcasts.

This time, Indonesian viewers concluded 82% of the audience. The fans of each region wanted to see their favorite teams in action, so 142K Burmese-speaking, 41K English-speaking, and 14K Malay-speaking viewers watched the broadcast.

Suddenly, Nimo TV is leading in terms of platforms with the result of 837K viewers, because it became the official platform of this tournament. YouTube has collected 435K viewers. The rest, 210K, goes to Facebook.

MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup has shown excellent results in terms of statistics, but it still could not beat the Indonesian MPL ID Season 5 by viewers’ peak, they’ve lacked only 10%.

I wonder what result the league will show after quarantine, and will it be able to break the record by viewership statistics?

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