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Playstation 5 Showcase: One of the leaders again

Playstation 5 Showcase: One of the leaders again

Playstation 5 Showcase took place on September 16. The official console prices were announced, and the showcase has overtaken all recent gaming events by stats.

The devs showed us new AAA-titles for a new console. We've watched the trailers of such projects like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Final Fantasy 16, and the sequel of the best game of 2018 - God of War 4.

Future PS5 owners, compared to Xbox, will get more exclusive games in general.

Moving on to the broadcasts stats. English-speaking viewers concluded the biggest part of the audience and contributed 78% to the overall Hours Watched number. The official YouTube broadcast from Sony became the most popular - 1M viewers at the peak.

Russian-speaking viewers were the second by popularity. They preferred to watch the showcase on the Wylsacom channel with his commentaries. This tech blogger gathered 69K Peak Viewers.

Rubius was #1 among Spanish streamers - 131K viewers watched his broadcast at the peak. Julien Chièze headed the French streams, 103K Peak Viewers watched the broadcast on his YouTube channel. Alanzoka is leading among Portuguese-speaking game lovers - 72K Peak Viewers.

This year Sony definitely are the leaders by stats. The second PS5 showcase collected 4,5M Peak Viewers. The biggest influx of viewers appeared at the end of the broadcast, during the price announcement.

Sure, the first show has caused more excitement in the community, but the second showcase has also overtaken other companies' showcases because of the immense amount of new projects. The fans love these franchises for decades.

Which PS5 title do you expect the most? Share your opinion on social networks and on our Discord server.

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