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PMWL Opening Weekend Wasn't Without Issues

PMWL Opening Weekend Wasn't Without Issues

July has marked the start of the zero season of the PUBG Mobile World League. First, the organizers conducted a test run as part of the Opening Weekend. We will tell you how this first “weekend” has turned out.

The organizers divided the entire PUBG Mobile World League into two parts: Western and Eastern. Entering each region's main tournament meant going through regional qualifications. In case of the Western hemisphere, these have passed in America, Europe and the CIS. Meanwhile, the Eastern hemisphere's championship was entered by the teams from all over Asia. By the way, Oceania received no competitive event of its own, and therefore had to make its way into the tournament using the WildCard.

The Opening Weekend was not a mere “test run” of the championship. This event has also helped to form more balanced groups within the league – which was true both for the Western and the Eastern championship.

Still, it was not without issues. According to the initial plan, the event was supposed to be held on July 10th till July 12th. However, technical problems have prevented the organizers from launching the first game day, causing them to adjust the event's format to a two-day one (instead of the expected three-day format).

As for the overall results, these aren't all that surprising: PUBG Mobile World League East was out of reach of its Western counterpart. The championship has reached a mark of 728 thousand peak viewers – as opposed to merely 39 thousand peak viewers of the PMWL West.

Hindi has become the most popular language of PUBG Mobile World League East. Its respective result amounted to 1 million 233 thousand hours watched – which is 36% of the total hours watched. The Indonesian language follows suit, being only 1% behind it, and therefore being responsible for 35% of the total hours watched.

PUBG Mobile World League West was really amazing. This competition had the largest number of the hours watched (49 thousand) brought by the Russian-language broadcast. It has contributed 23% to the event's overall result. Following it was the Spanish-language stream with its 38 thousand hours watched – that is, 18% of the total amount.

The list of participants is the reason for the Russian language taking the first spot: three CIS-based teams are participating in PMWL West at once. Moreso, the guys from KoninaPower have earned their spot thanks to the victory at the European qualifiers. Meanwhile, the team holds the second spot according to the results of the Opening Weekend. All of this has greatly influenced the event's popularity among the Russian-speaking viewers.

Overall, the popularity of languages seems to quite closely reflect the standings. By points, BTR RA from Indonesia became the #1 team the PUBG Mobile World League East – whereas OR from India (hence Hindi language) took the second spot.

The main league will be held from July 14th till August 2nd, being divided into the group part as well as the finals. Additionally, PMWL will also have the “super weekends” featuring the very best teams.

PUBG Mobile once again shows its popularity among the Eastern region countries. On the other hand, everything in the West also looks quite promising. If the shooter will establish its presence in the CIS and Europe, we may expect much larger figures.

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