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PUBG Mobile x BLACKPINK: Viewership stats

PUBG Mobile x BLACKPINK: Viewership stats

What if we unite the most popular female k-pop group and battle royale of Korean origin? There will be an exceptionally exciting event called PUBG Mobile x Blackpink Fun Match.

What's so special about Koreans?

PUBG was created in South Korea, and at the moment, it is one of the most popular games, despite the worldwide trends. The reason is that Koreans always support their native projects in the first place. That’s why the game received special love in Asia. Chinese company Tencent was responsible for the development of the mobile version.

BLACKPINK is a South Korean group that received many awards for their artistry in Korea and abroad, so inviting them to play one of the most famous battle royales is a great marketing hook for the project.

Eventually, BLACKPINK gathered with host Kim Heechul, a famous Super Junior group singer, and two popular Korean PUBG Mobile YouTube streamers - DDDD (1,5M subscribers) and Beenu (521K subscribers).

The format of the show was in typical Korean style. Apart from playing PUBG Mobile, guys were joking and entertaining viewers with different challenges. In the end, we’ve seen promo codes for extra loot for viewers, so swift fans received some benefits.

This showmatch wasn’t the only one event in terms of collaboration with BLACKPINK, as there were added special cosmetic group-related items, and the fans had a chance to win a signed BLACKPINK music album.

What about stats?

Showmatch was held only for 1 hour, but it was watched for 142K Peak Viewers. The broadcasts were on YouTube and Facebook, and the English-speaking channel of PUBG Mobile was leading on the first platform with 51K Peak Viewers.

The situation with languages proves the group’s popularity again. It’s clear that primarily the discipline fans came to watch the tournament, but many BLACKPINK lovers follow the group all around the world, and for them, it’s not important what to watch with them: a regular show or an esports tournament.

That’s why the audience can be divided into 16 different languages, apart from English, the most popular based on our data. The fans were not only from Asia. Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, and many more watched the event.

The domination of Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Malay viewers can be explained easily - the official channels with broadcasts for these languages.

We should note that the record of the stream on the official PUBG Mobile channel now has reached 21M views only for five days; that’s the fan-base power of the Korean group.

PUBG Corp. successfully united two completely different things - music trends and battle royales. Subscribe to our social pages to have direct access to up-to-date esports statistics.

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