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The most popular esports tournaments of August 2020

The most popular esports tournaments of August 2020

After off-season's serenity, the regular tournaments managed to displace mobile esports and finish its total domination. Today we'll find out which events made the fans stay in front of the screens. 

PUBG Mobile World League East became the most popular tournament in August and the most popular online-only event in 2020. We've already seen the league in the top of July tournaments but it didn't reach the top of the list.

The peak at the finals concluded 1,1M viewers, but because of the ban of the discipline in India, the region now is experiencing severe changes and the statistical decrease. The game was the #1 app in India, and Hindi contributed 35,8% to the total Hours Watched number of the tournament.

LEC Summer 2020 became the second most popular tournament because of the legendary battle of G2 and Fnatic, which we've discussed in our previous article. In September, the finals collected more than 1M viewers, so we'll definitely see this event in the next month's headlines.

LoL Summer 2020: LCS or LEC?

This isn't the last League of Legends event, which was spotted in our top. The Korean League gathered 823K Peak Viewers but didn't break the record of LCK Spring 2020 - 1M Peak Viewers.

MPL ID Season 6 just started but has already shown outstanding results. The Viewers Peak was reached during the first week at the meeting of RRQ and Evos.LGN, the finalists of Season 5. The League will end on October 18, and we may see a new Peak Viewers record, given that MPL ID Season 6 has already become the third most popular event in the whole discipline.

The first Fall Guys Twitch tournament closes our top-5. Only after one month after release, the game became the top-3 category in August on Twitch thanks to streamers and the audience's extreme interest. You can expect regular Fall Guys Fridays series and wait for our article about all Fall Guys tournaments' results.

The English-speaking audience was interested in LEC, LCS, and Fall Guys the most, and the Call of Duty League finals also joined this list. The format change didn't boost the discipline. In the beginning, the event didn't gather the right amount of viewers. The situation has changed with the finals, and CoD League managed to set the new record by breaking the results of World Championship 2018 - 331K viewers at the peak. More info about the finals in this article.

CoD team Toronto Ultra hosted its 4-hour event with the most popular streamers of this discipline. The Nickmercs' broadcast was #1 on Twitch - 90K Peak Viewers and Vikkstar123 gathered 51K viewers on YouTube. The peak of the tournament concluded 266K viewers.

The CIS region again has its own specificity. The showmatch of old and new NA'VI CS:GO rosters became the most popular August event for Russian-speaking viewers. The old roster has shown its excellence in CS 1.6, and the new roster definitely was leading in CS:GO. 135K viewers watched the battle at the peak.

The second most popular event was LoL Continental league. The Viewers Peak was at the finals of Unicorns of Love and Gambit and concluded 115K. Two divisions of OMEGA League in Dota 2 also reached our top, and this is not a surprise, considering the love of the CIS community for this discipline. Wait for our detailed report about this event in our next articles.

ESL One Cologne 2020 Europe has collected 93K Russian-speaking viewers at the peak mostly because of NA'VI's participation, though they didn't reach the final stage.

European CS:GO region has experienced significant growth because of the MIBR transition to this division. That's why Europe didn't overtake North America by stats. Gaules is the most popular streamer of ESL Cologne 2020. He has collected 183K viewers.

Portuguese streamer Nobru also entered our Preak Viewers top. He hosted his own COPA NOBRU Free Fire tournament. Spanish streamer Grefg organized his Fortnite tournament Grefg Summer Edition 2020 and collected 214K viewers at the broadcast's peak.

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