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The most popular esports events of September 2020

The most popular esports events of September 2020

September was a special month for viewers thanks to one of the main events in League of Legends - Worlds 2020. The previous year's record was broken on the first day of the preliminary stage during the match of Team Liquid vs. MAD Lions, and the event itself became the most popular this month.

More about the record of Worlds 2020 Play-In

The Group Stage of Worlds 2020 has started on October 3, so read our viewer's guide, there we've summed up all the info about the dates and broadcasts of World Championship 2020.

Only one mobile esports tournament reached the top-5, and this is the sixth season of Mobile Legends Professional League in Indonesia. Previously it has appeared in the top-3 of August. The league hasn't finished yet, but the record of the fifth season was broken. Moreover, the event became the most popular event in the discipline.

The rest of the top consists of League of Legends tournaments in Korea and Europe. You can find their results in this article.

The preferences of English-speaking viewers match up with the overall top of the month. European LoL-league became the leader of September by gathering 747K Peak Viewers.

We should note that the numbers of Worlds 2020 in September weren't so impressive because there were no popular teams among the participants.

The Group Stage started in October, so G2 with Fnatic joined the battle, which directly affected the Peak Viewers mark - 760K concurrent viewers.

Apart from LoL-events, MC Championship #9 suddenly appeared on our top. This isn't just a regular Minecraft tournament: 10 teams were fighting in 8 mini-games, such system reminds Fall Guys.

Moving on to the most popular tournaments of the CIS region. There the preferences of disciplines don't change much, so CS:GO and Dota 2 always appear in our top. The EU final of OMEGA League by WePlay! Esports and Epic Esports Events became the leader in September with the result of 129K Russian-speaking viewers at the peak.

The second most popular tournament among the CIS audience is ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe. 123K viewers watched the league at the peak primarily because of the CIS teams like Na'Vi and Team Spirit.

OGA Dota PIT Season 3 has collected 115K Russian-speaking Peak Viewers, and they've concluded the biggest part of the tournament's audience. The reason is that almost all popular teams of this region participated in the event.

Worlds 2020 popped up in the CIS region also. It has reached the mark of 84K Russian-speaking Peak Viewers. Besides, Unicorns of Love represent the region at the tournament.

Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays #2 has closed Russian top-5 because famous Russian streamers such as Buster, Bratishkinoff, and Cheatbanned participated in the event.

The official casters of LoL-tournaments were the most popular esports channels of this month, but the official LEC channel gathered the biggest amount of spectators - 400K Peak Viewers.

The results of September:

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