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The Results of the 2020 NHL Gaming World Championship

The Results of the 2020 NHL Gaming World Championship

NHL Gaming World Championship became the culmination of the 2020 season for all the virtual hockey fans. The year's main tournament has gathered the best players from Europe and America alike. Today we will tell you about the most popular players and the overall viewability dynamics of the competition.

Similarly to many of the other events of the year, NHL World Championship was following the online format. Even half a year later, the coronavirus pandemic keeps being in the way of conducting the international esports competitions of even the smallest scope, not to mention the full-fledged main tournament of the year.

Because of this, the organizers of the competition were forced to hold three separate online events – for Canada, the United States and Europe respectively; with $10,000 being granted to the winner of each tournament. Additionally, the organizers have also awarded the best qualifier players with cash prizes.

Arttu “ArtuzioFIN” Mustila became the winner of the European part. The first spot at the US tournament went to Josh “OFs_HK” Fuss, while Justin “Reg84” Reguly became the champion among the Canadian players of virtual hockey.

The tournament for the European countries seems to clearly stand out when compared to the other two regions. Its indicators of 41 thousand peak viewers and 29 thousand average viewers are not only the very best ones – but the peak viewers indicator of the European event is also the fifth best one among all the NHL competitions when seen in the scope of the discipline's history.

The situation becomes rather ambiguous should we compare the results of this year's championship to the titular competitions of the past two years. Namely, the popularity of NHL Gaming World Championship 2020 is below that of the last year's World Championship – but still above that of the 2018 event.

The event's broadcast was anything but diverse. Despite it featuring the two continents' worth of competitions, the viewers were only presented with the official English-language broadcast. This is quite a bizarre choice, given the abundance of representatives of various countries among the European participants.

Overall, if it were not for the current worldwide coronavirus outbreak, the competition would surely attract more viewers – and that would eventually create a trend of annual increase of competition's indicators.

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