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StarLadder Major: The summary of 4 minors

StarLadder Major: The summary of 4 minors

In today's article, we will summarize the already finished qualifications for StarLadder Major. In the first article on this series, we will provide an immediate overview of all regions. In the future we also will talk about each tournament separately.

A special mention goes to the broadcast of Stream.tv! It wasn't included into our data due to the game client featuring the media player that would automatically turn on, therefore greatly influencing the indicators of the competition itself. As a result of this, it was decided to exclude the service from the totality of the information collected. We'll remind you that this is exactly what we did during the past events of this series.

Among the series' competitions, the Europe Minor became the most popular, with 125 thousand peak viewers and 58 thousand average viewers on the broadcast – which was achieved due to the presence of a large number of famous teams.

The CIS Minor has shown itself not in the best way. Surprisingly enough, the Russian-speaking community did not monitor its teams that closely. The peak viewers of the event stopped at the mark of around 36 thousand people. At the same time, the average viewers stopped at the mark of only 21 thousand.

The Asian contest shows the biggest problems in terms of average viewers indicator – which is to be expected, given that this part of the world isn't too fond of Valve's shooter. The Chinese region is dominated by other representatives of the genre, such as PUBG or Rainbow Six: Siege.

It was quite surprising to see the peak viewers mark of Asia Minor exceeding that of CIS Minor. This makes us think about the state of affairs of the second-tier scene in the vast expanses of the post-Soviet space. Especially when the best result is displayed by a region characterized by having much less interest in the game.

If we compare all the competitions with the previous season, we can see slight problems associated with the Berlin event. The biggest decrease would be the one shown by CIS qualifier: 50 thousand peak viewers and 20 thousand average viewers. Yet another failure has been on part of the Americas Minor – with a decrease of 20 thousand viewers for the both indicators.

The Europe qualifier has managed to save its face somewhat. Despite showing yet another decrease of 20 thousand average viewers, its broadcast has nevertheless shown an increase of 3 thousand peak viewers.

A similar trend was shown by Asia, with its stream showing a decrease of 10 thousand average viewers – which is almost half of the result of the Polish event. When it comes to the peak viewers, however, the broadcast has lost much less – only 6 thousand.

In conclusion, we can state the following: Europe is most interested in young teams. Yes, some of these have big names, but you should also consider that some of the participants are still quite green – in terms of experience, of course. In case you follow the professional scene of the game and think how to make money on it, know that our partners, 1xBet, offer the opportunity to make bets even on the not-so-popular tournaments.

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