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The start of the Gwent Open Season 2

The start of the Gwent Open Season 2

Finally, a new season of Gwent Open has begun. It is the qualification for the World Masters tournament, where the players will fight for the title of Gwent World Champion.

Today we will talk about the results of Gwent Open #1 Season 2 and tell you how the situation of the discipline has changed compared to the last season.

To begin with, the game itself has undergone a lot of changes over the past two years. Along with the number of visual improvements, the developers added new seasonal game modes to diversify the gameplay. 

The most important achievement is the official game release on Steam at the end of May. So the game now is available to millions of players. 

Let’s move on to the tournament. Initially, World Masters was supposed to be held in early March, but due to the Coronavirus, it was postponed. So the organizers have launched the second season of Gwent Open instead.

The broadcast was held on many platforms. The peak was 14K spectators during the battle between Ukrainian player Nik_r and Chinese Demarcation. This is the result without Chinese platforms Douyu and Huya.

Due to the participants from different countries the card tournament was watched by fans from Russian, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Korean, German, and Japanese broadcasts along with the English-speaking viewers.

And now the most interesting part. Let's discuss the consequences of the transition to online because of Coronavirus.

As we can see, the situation of the second season of Gwent Open is quite sad. There were no events for a long time due to the postponement of the tournament, and that immediately affected the statistics. The viewers' peak compared to the last tournament of the previous season decreased by 27%, and the average viewers by 12%.

If you compare the start of the first and second seasons, the result of the 2nd is better - the peak increased by 42%.

We can say that due to such break Gwent Masters has lost some part of the audience. Now we're waiting for the results of Gwent Open #2 Season 2, which will take place on June 27-28. And the next Open events are planned for August and October.

You can watch the streams of Gwent Open on official CD Projekt RED YouTube and Twitch channels.

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