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The most popular streamers of June on Mixer

The most popular streamers of June on Mixer

Mixer is closing down. In the middle of June, all the gaming media were replete with such headlines. The viewability was rather affected by the sudden news of the closure of this streaming platform. Our Mixer summary for June will show exactly how the platform dealt with this announcement.

It should be said right away that most of the popular channels left Mixer after the news about the closure. Nearly all of them have become the new representatives of Facebook Gaming afterwards. The latter offered big transition bonuses for all the Mixer partners – but also stopped some from transitioning. We've already summed this up and explained the reasons of the platform's failure in this article.

Shroud became the most popular streamer of the month. His broadcasts on Mixer ended about a week before the end of the month. Even so, he has managed to beat his main rival, Ninja, by a good margin. Tyler spent a couple of days less on his broadcasts in June.

It should be noted that the channel of Ninja has also featured a tournament Ninja Battles – which brought the extra viewers. This is also indicated by the peak viewers mark, reaching a total of 67 thousand viewers in June. This is the best figure for the Blevins Channel so far.

Overall, due to the end-of-the-month exodus of a large number of streamers, the round-the-clock broadcasts managed to break into the top. More than half of the channels in the top 10 are radio stations. Two more channels are dedicated to the official broadcasts of the esports competitions for the Hi-Rez Studio games.

KingQueenLV was the newcomer to the ranking. Unlike the other round-the-clock broadcast channels, this streamer has also simply played games. For the most part, the channel conducted the personal broadcasts during the daytime – switching to the radio format during the pauses for sleeping and resting.

July will be the last month for Mixer. The platform's servers will go offline on July 22th, and this'll be the end of the story. If you do not want to miss the results of the last month, subscribe to our pages on VK, Twitter and Facebook.

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