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Most popular streamers of October on Twitch

Most popular streamers of October on Twitch

October was marked by the League of Legends World Championship along with many other esports events. How were the streamer results affected by all of this? Did xQc manage to remain the most popular streamer?

And indeed, based on the results of October, the Canadian streamer xQc once again became the most popular streamer on Twitch. Felix finished the second month of autumn with a result of 15 million hours watched. Among the channels, he was outmatched only by Riot Games. The latter broadcasted the playoffs of the main tournament of the year - the LoL World Championship.

Compared to September, we can see Ibai and Gaules switching their ranking spots. The Brazilian streamer didn’t even manage to capitalize on the esports events, despite the channel’s activity revolving around them. However, if we are to judge by the first BLAST Premier matches, he will move by at least one spot higher in November.

Loltyler1 also managed to climb higher than last month. The popular streamer has become part of the T1 esports organization. The collaboration between the League of Legends’ most popular team and the most popular streamer was a rather obvious decision. Aside from this, LoL itself was approaching the end of its ranked season, which meant that it was much more interesting for viewers to spectate the performance of their favorites on the fields of justice.

The German streamer known as TheRealKnossi returned to the top. The “King” held an interesting “Horror Camp” event in October. The overall ghosts-&-horror theme is highly relevant during the fall, and this year it was further spiced up by games like Phasmophobia. All in all, the audience liked the idea, allowing the channel to become one of the most popular ones.

It is peculiar to see how every month the number of English-language channels decreases in favor of other languages. This is caused by the ever-increased variety of content that’s mostly interesting to certain segments of the platform’s audience.

Evelone192 became the most popular streamer among the Russian-speaking audience. By the end of September, his channel was finally no longer blocked, allowing the streamer to broadcast once again. Due to all the hype surrounding this, the streams have attracted a large number of viewers, pushing Evelone to the very top of the ranking.

Dethroned by him was the SilverName channel. In October, Vladislav focused even more on the Hearthstone Battlegrounds mode. He also took part in competitions for this mode, even earning the second spot in one of these.

October also featured the “Pixel Battle” event on the VK social network. All the communities were invited to a single common canvas where they would compete for the spots. There was no chance the streamers would miss such a chance – and in the end, the viewers liked this content as well.

The top spot went to Evelone for the same reason. The event also boosted the popularity of broadcasts of bratishkinoff, making it the month’s 3rd most viewed channel of the Russian-language segment based on the hours watched. Same result was pretty much repeated by buster, given the mere 36 thousand hours difference between the channels.

In case you want to learn more about the Twitch results, be sure to follow our VK, Twitter and Facebook pages. On these we not only share news, we also provide the weekly coverage of the platform’s most popular streamers.

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