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Esports Charts launches analytical streaming-data platform Streams Charts

Esports Charts launches analytical streaming-data platform Streams Charts

Esports Charts proud to announce the official launch of Streams Charts, a new analytical platform with all streaming data in one place.

Streams Charts enables the analysis of all key metrics for channels, streams, games, communities and even clips. Streams Charts collects data from the most popular broadcasting platforms, providing an insight into detailed and relevant streaming analytics. 

Unique data and functions provided by the platform such as stream bounce rate, custom time filters, and personal lists make it easy to identify opportunities based on activity, reach and audience demographics.Today the site supports 3 active platforms, TwitchTrovo & Facebook, and historical data from Mixer

By compiling raw data into easy to use and commonly accepted metrics, the aim of our new project is to show that streaming is not limited to just esports and popular influencers. Users can learn all about the viewership dynamics of their favorite streamer, evaluate and compare the impact of their streams, and tap into global streaming trends. We created a platform through which anyone can independently research live-streaming of games (and more).

Artyom Odintsov, Chief Executive Officer at Esports Charts

Streams Charts is a logical continuation of our esports product. For our team, this was a fairly large challenge, but we successfully managed to provide the highest theoretical data accuracy. At the same time, statistics will be equally available for both large and newbie streamers, because we understand the importance of self-analytics for beginner streamers.

Ihor Kryvych, Chief Technology Officer at Esports Charts

Streams Charts is already available to use, but let's take a closer look at service’ features:

Explore analytics of the additional audience coverage from all the most popular Twitch clips and generated compilations of the best clips sorted by different languages and categories. You can filter clips by today, last 7 days, last 30 days, or All Time. 

You can also follow our YouTube channel where we post weekly and monthly compilations of the top clips from popular Twitch categories. All these compilations are also available on our Twitch Clips Twitter.

A variety of filters

Use our filters to sort channels or broadcasts by time period, game and language. You can easily determine which channel is currently popular in a particular category by:

Create your own channel lists

Keep an eye on your own streaming roster, potential partners, your competitors – or simply your favorite streamers: Custom lists provide an overview of the key metrics whenever you need it.

If you connect your Twitch account to your profile, we will automatically create a list for you that includes the streamers you follow.


We strive to create an extensive “Streampedia”, so anyone can contribute the description, personal details or contacts for any channel. All contributions are carefully moderated by our team.

This opens up new opportunities for cooperation and interaction with streamers, because you do not need to go to channels and look for information — now you will have everything in one place. Thanks to your contributions, we will be able to implement additional filters so that you can sort channels by country, gender and other details.

Additional features

Select a stream to see a detailed interactive graph that displays viewer and follower dynamics as well as user-generated clips of the broadcast all throughout the stream.

Data and ratings can be shared in the form of a custom downloadable infographic in a .JPEG format, and PRO users will be able to download data in a versatile .CSV format. If you’re  interested in the comprehensive statistics of specific categories and teams, you can take a deeper look in our Games and Teams pages respectively.

For each specific broadcasting platform, you will also have an Events Feed with the latest streaming news: bans, peak viewer records, and follower records. All this information is also regularly posted on our special Twitter account.

Customize your experience with PRO

All the general functions of the service are totally free, but you can get extended access to the advanced statistics and features with a Streams Charts PRO subscription.

In honor of Black Friday, we have made a 50% discount on our monthly subscription plan. You can check out all the information here.

What’s next?

Streams Charts is still in beta testing, and we are actively working to improve it by adding new functions. In the near future, we plan to update the game pages, add a streamer comparison feature, additional subscription plans, and more languages. Stay tuned!

For all suggestions or questions, you can contact us by mail: [email protected]. Don’t forget to follow Streams Charts' main Twitter, Instagram and VK accounts for latest updates about service and exclusive content.

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