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The Most Popular Trovo Streamers and Categories in August

The Most Popular Trovo Streamers and Categories in August

In the middle of summer, Tencent announced its own streaming platform known as Trovo. Its first weeks were marked by the influx of streamers from other services, all of whom have started their official Trovo pages. Today we will tell you about the overall performance of Trovo in August.

In this article, we will summarize the platform's most popular categories and streamers based on the results of August 2020 alone.

First, let's talk about the content creators – the streamers. Out of them, PARKA became the most popular one in August. The Spanish-language channel has centered its broadcasts around the mobile version of Call of Duty. Aside from this, there were occasional broadcasts of PUBG Mobile.

The list of channels includes two large League of Legends channels that came over from Twitch: DoubleAIM and Cowsep.

The channel at the very top belongs to the Serbian cyberathlete Aleksa “DoubleAiM” Stanković. The jungler is best known among the fans of the CIS regional league due to Vaevictis eSports and Natus Vincere being the starting points of his career. The most subscribers of this player (a total of 58 thousand people) can be found on YouTube.

In the case of Cowsep, we are dealing with a more popular internet personality. This particular streamer is most famous among the game's community as the player dedicated to a single champion: Master Yi. It should be noted that while his Twitch channel is not a partnered one, it still has nearly 670 thousand subscribers.

Occupying the significant part of the ranking were the GTA V streamers. The hype that surrounds RP mode has no signs of dying down and keeps the game afloat right among the most popular titles. Out of these channels, one of a YouTube blogger nicknamed zile_zile became the most popular one.

The broadcasts include esports as well. For example, the channels of Riot Games have featured the official broadcasts of LPL, LCS and LEC. Overall, this happened due to Trovo and Riot Games sharing Tencent as their majority shareholder.

Call of Duty: Mobile became the most popular category. The game's hours watched on the platform exceed those of the owner of the ranking's second spot, GTA V, by whole 112%. The category has attracted a total of 4.8 thousand peak viewers. Interestingly enough, the standard version of the shooter in the face of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has only reached the eighth spot within the top.

The esports disciplines have also entered the ranking. Out of these, League of Legends has attracted the most viewers' attention, allowing it to claim the third spot. In turn, Dota 2 (the game's main rival within the MOBA genre) got to the 9th spot.

It should be noted that while CS:GO didn't manage to enter even the top 20, Valorant (which was only released this spring) managed to reach the 10th spot in the ranking.

The platform became yet another spotlight for the recently appearing Fall Guys title. The battle of streamers in this game keeps attracting a significant portion of the Twitch and YouTube viewers' attention for several weeks in a row. As for Trovo, the game's category was ranked fourth.

In case of comparing the platform's August results to those from July, COD:Mobile shows a large decline. While the streamers of this particular game have managed to fill a near entirety of the top spots in July, their numbers have dwindled to an absolute minimum. The same is shown by the top games list.

It can be noted that English is far from being the platform's most popular language. Its level of popularity is quite similar to that of German and Spanish languages. Compare this to Twitch, with its English-language section being unrivaled because of American streamers.

As a result, the results of the last month are nearly identical to those of July; with some barely significant advantages and disadvantages being seen here and there.

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