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Twitch categories in June: Time for changes

Twitch categories in June: Time for changes

The first Summer month ended with significant changes in our top of the categories.. We can say that the situation in the first half of the rating goes back to the state before the release of Valorant.

Just Chatting remained in the first place, as in the May report. This month the peak has increased by 10% compared to May, but the Hours Watched remained the same. 

The most popular streamer in this category in June was Evelone192. He continues to invite various influencers on his streams and play board games with them.

League of Legends has returned to the second position, the Hours Watched increased by 12,5% and the peak by 10%. Apart from the streamers, such tournaments, as Mid-Season Cup 2020 and European Masters Spring 2020 also affected the results.

Fortnite has climbed just one position up, but he’s leading by Peak Viewers - 2,7M. The reasons for this result are the beginning of the new Battle Pass season and the new in-game content.

GTA V has also improved its results as many popular streamers including summit1g, auronplay, Rubius and ibai drew the attention to the game in June.

Call of Duty closes our Top-5 and its peak increased by 14%. Such result was achieved thanks to the CoD league, which we’ve discussed in our recent article.

Escape of Tarkov has climbed 10 positions up. Such revival happened because of the total wipe of the gamers’ progress with the new update. 

Also, the developers enabled the Twitch Drops to boost the players. The game broke its own viewership record on Twitch and the peak concluded 305K concurrent viewers.

Time for sadness, Valorant almost dropped out of the top-10, because there were no significant tournaments, so the players have lost interest. Therefore, the Hours Watched decreased by 61% and the peak by 68%.

In the 12th position is The Last of Us Part II, a game that fans have been waiting for 7 years. The opinions divided: for some people, it’s the game of the year, and for others, it’s a complete disaster. More about the results of TLOU2 on Twitch you can find here.

Sea of Thieves revived on Twitch in mid-May. Only for a couple of weeks the Hours Watched increased by 526%. The game drew the attention of many popular streamers, and in June it managed to get into the Top-20.

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